Crystal Catatonic Revving the Volvo in Tan Boots

Crystal Catatonic Revving the Volvo in Tan Boots

September 27th, 2018

She just did a cranking video and almost killed the battery, so, a perfect time to get it fired up and rev it up to clear out the engine and get some juice into the battery. She’s got on a pair of tan knee-high boots with a stiletto heels to romp on the gas pedal with.

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  1. Crystal Catatonic Revving The Volvo(Clearing Out the Carburetor After Doing A Cranking Video) Tan Leather Thigh High Stiletto Boots

    It’s a nice day to shoot some videos Crystal has just done a cranking video in the Volvo she comes close to killing the battery, they’ve already shot the cranking video. Now Crystal is going to try and start the Volvo and see if she can get the Volvo started. Crystal’s right foot must be a swamp from all the pumping she did during the cranking video, she’s wearing a white baggy pullover top/w red& blue mixed in, denim jeans, tan leather thigh high stiletto boots.

    Crystal is a little bit surprised when the Volvo starts on the first try she gives the Volvo’s four cylinder engine a pretty good revving, she has a big smile on her face as she revs the Volvo. Shish is shooting a mixture of upper and footwell video of her sexy size 8 feet in her tan thigh high leather stiletto boots. Crystal is getting the engine rpms up a little bit as she recharges the battery and clears out the carburetor of excess gas.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Crystal shuts the engine off. The End. Crystal you did a great revving video in the Volvo your feet look sexy in those tan thigh high leather stiletto boots. Shish your camera work as always great. Good Work all. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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