Curator Cassandra, Log Entry 003

Curator Cassandra, Log Entry 003

May 16th, 2013

“Today wasn’t too bad.  The Coronet started up easy but the Bus had some battery connection issues.  Took 2 or 3 times to get a good connection.  Need maintenance to check it out when they can.  The Volvo & Camaro behaved nicely, didn’t take too much pumping to get them going.  Warmed them up pretty good as well as the BMW 2002…I was barefoot in those.  Was nice to rub my bare soles over the pedals, feels good!!
Lastly, I decided to bust out my sexy leopard print boots for another warmup session with the Volvo!  I LOVE these boots…move over catwoman!! 😉 ”
-Curator Cassandra

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  1. Curator Cassandra Keeping The PTP Fleet In Shape / Log Entry 003/ 720 P MP4 HD

    In part three in this series Cassandra is going to start the Coronet, the bus, the BMW 2002, The Z28, the bug, last and not least the Volvo.

    As the video begins Cassandra is going to start the Coronet she has a pair of red open toe stiletto pumps she has no trouble getting the Coronet to start she revs the engine a little bit for about 30 seconds her feet in those red open toed pumps they look down right sexy after revving the Coronet she shuts the engine off.

    The next one she starts is the bus she’s barefoot her feet are really sexy the battery cables are a little bit loose she has to go in the back to tighten them two times before she can get the bus to start it fires right with no problems after revving the bus a little bit she goes over to the BMW 2002 she’s barefoot with red toenail polish and denim jeans rolled up above the ankle.

    Cassandra presses the clutch in with her left foot and lets it out she then cranks the engine and pumps the gas pedal the engine fires right up with no problem, she revs it for a little bit so far with each car she revs the engine for about close to a minute at the most. Cassandra doesn’t rev the engines hard she gives them a gentle revving before she shuts off the engine.

    The next car she starts is the bug it gives her a little bit of trouble she has to do some cranking and pumping to get the bug to start it takes her three tries too get the bug to start, she has on her feet a pair of open toed stiletto sandals, now that Cassandra has warmed up the bug she shuts the engine off and moves over to the Z28 it fires right up this time she’s going to move it over to another spot.

    Cassandra is shooting this video herself with a camcorder its almost all footwell video, the last car she’s going to start is the Volvo, she’s going to ware her sexy leopard print boots, she opens the hood to connect one of the battery cables she gets in and the Volvo starts right up with no problem she revs it maybe a little over a minute.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Cassandra lets off the clutch the engine stalls on her, so far a great behind the scenes look at what it takes to keep these cars running.

    Cassandra your doing a great job keeping the PTP fleet in shape, your bare-feet look really sexy keep up the good work. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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