Curator Cassandra – Log Entry #007

Curator Cassandra – Log Entry #007

January 28th, 2017

7:12am“Got my comfy, well-worn boots on today with my sweater dress because there was a chill in the air. Wanted to see if the Camaro would start. Took a few tries to get it started and not die but the battery was strong, so that’s good. I wonder if the boss would notice if I did some donuts in it…hmm..I love how this car sounds and feels. Feels…*revs it* …goood!”

6:58pm“Uuuuggh! I hate when I’m told to go start up the cars just as I’m about to leave for the day! Fortunately, the little Bug fired up for me and I warm it up some in my sneakers. It’s getting cold out! I hope I don’t have to drive one of these cars for a few days. They don’t want to start when it’s really cold out…in the morning…when I’m late for work…uugh!”

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  1. Curator Cassandra Log Entry #007 Cold-Starting The Z28 & The Super-Beetle / Cold Morning/ Pantyhose& Black Leather Thigh High Boots Black Converse Sneakers W/ White Trim / 720 P WMV HD

    It’s cold early in the morning Cassandra is going to try and see if she can get the 1977 Camaro Z28 to start, she’s wearing a black sweater dress, pantyhose, black leather thigh high boots this is another in a series of videos that Cassandra has done in the past few years showing how she keeps the cars in running shape by starting them up at least every day where possible, it takes her two tries to get the Z28 started she gives the engine a real gentle revving not revving too loud starting the engine the first time in the morning getting the oil to circulate around all the parts in the engine.

    Cassandra warms the Camaro’s engine for a little over a minute before the camera fades. Cassandra is shooting this video herself she’s getting footwell video of her sexy size 8.5 feet in both her black leather thigh high boots and her black Converse sneakers w/ white trim around the soles. The camera comes back on this time Cassandra has on denim jeans, black Converse sneakers w/ white trim around the soles as she starts the bug she presses down on the clutch with her left foot as she turns the ignition key wile she’s cranking the engine she gives the gas pedal a few pumps the engine comes to life.

    It’s 6:58 AM in the morning it’s cold out she’s going to drive the bug to work she doesn’t want to be late for work, she hopes she doesn’t have to start these cars for a few days because when it gets cold out it can be real hard to get them to start up in the morning, that is if they start at all. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Cassandra shuts the engine off after warming it up. The End. Cassandra you did a great video in your series what it takes to keep these cars running. Great Video. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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