7:12am“Got my comfy, well-worn boots on today with my sweater dress because there was a chill in the air. Wanted to see if the Camaro would start. Took a few tries to get it started and not die but the battery was strong, so that’s good. I wonder if the boss would notice if I did some donuts in it…hmm..I love how this car sounds and feels. Feels…*revs it* …goood!”

6:58pm“Uuuuggh! I hate when I’m told to go start up the cars just as I’m about to leave for the day! Fortunately, the little Bug fired up for me and I warm it up some in my sneakers. It’s getting cold out! I hope I don’t have to drive one of these cars for a few days. They don’t want to start when it’s really cold out…in the morning…when I’m late for work…uugh!”