Curator Cassandra – Log Entry #014

Curator Cassandra – Log Entry #014

February 28th, 2016

-“The work is coming along nicely on this vintage Bus. The keys were in it, so I fired it up to see how it ran. It sounds good and I love my tan suede loafers I’m wearing, they’re so comfy!”
-“About to leave for the day, meeting some friends for drinks. I finally get a chance to wear these killer black heels! I wanted to fire up that old gray car we’ve had here for a while. Brb, let’s see if it starts!”
-“Oh, almost forgot about the errands I had to run in the old Volvo. I was wearing my black cowgirl boots at the time and almost couldn’t get the damn thing to start but messing with all these old cars has given me experience in what I’d like to call ‘pedal pumping,’ fun stuff!

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  1. Curator Cassandra Crank & Rev Multiple / Brown Swede Loafers, Black Studded Leather Stiletto Pumps & Black Leather Boots / 720 P WMV HD /Log Entry #014

    Cassandra has done another in her series of videos showing us members how she helps keep the PTP fleet in shape, it’s a cold morning Cassandra has on a pair of brown swede loafers and denim jeans the keys are in the ignition of the bus the windshield is in the back of the bus with a new gasket to keep rain water from coming in the bus.

    Cassandra fires the buses engine up on the first try with no problem she revs it for about close to two minutes before moving over to the Coronet this time she changes pants hard to tell what color they are they look brownish too me and a pair of black studded leather stiletto pumps.

    After priming the carburetor by giving the gas pedal about five or six pumps Cassandra turns the ignition key the engine fires up on the first try with no problem she revs the the Coronet’s engine for at least two minutes the engine sounds a little bit rough then again she just cold-started it you would expect it to sound a little bit rough for about the first couple of minutes, next the Volvo.

    Cassandra is going to run some errands and go out for drinks with friends a little bit later she has a little bit of trouble getting the Volvo to start she works the choke and pumps the gas pedal rapidly she didn’t think she would get it started there for a minute, she gets the engine started she revs it, she tries to get the engine to backfire. Cassandra is shooting this video herself she points the camera to the rear of the Volvo getting video of the exhaust as lite smoke is coming out. Cassandra might have not pushed the choke in all the way yet since the engine hasn’t warmed up enough .

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Cassandra shuts the engine off she gets out of the Volvo. The End. Cassandra you did a great job starting and revving the bus the Coronet and the Volvo. Out of all three pair of shoes you wore the black studded leather stiletto pumps are my favorite, your camera work is great. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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