Dakota Charms Bus Driving in Flip Flops w/Cherry

Dakota Charms Bus Driving in Flip Flops w/Cherry

July 21st, 2017

Dakota drives the Westfalia Bus this whole video in a pair of flip flops with her BFF riding shotgun. They’re following me since they don’t know where we’re going. The first part of the clip is Dakota getting the Bus turned around. Her and Cherry talk back and forth as Dakota gets it turned around. From there, it’s all road till we reach our destination. Dakota drives the shit out of the Bus, taking the rpm’s way up before shifting and keeping them high while driving. She stays in third gear most of the time so that you can hear the engine. She revs it some in neutral while Cherry just sits there and looks pretty the whole trip. When they arrive at our destination, Dakota revs the Bus for a bit before turning it off.

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  1. Dakota Charms Driving The VW Bus Over To Cassandra’s Taking The Scenic Route w/ Cherry Riding Shotgun / White Flip Flops / 1080I MP4 HD / PIP

    Dakota is going to drive the bus over to Cassandra’s to shoot some videos with Cherry riding shotgun, the bus is parked off the grass backed up against a tree with bushes around them. Dakota starts the buses engine it fires up with no problem now that’s all Dakota has to do is get the bus turned around that’s easier said then done .As Dakota tries to turn the bus around she has a little bit of trouble shifting the gearshift into reverse. Cherry shows her how to shift into reverse.

    Dakota is wearing red tank top, denim shorts, white flip flops. Cherry is in the right front passenger seat she is wearing dark sun glasses, orange tank top, black shorts, brown flip flops. Shish has two cameras set up in the bus one is mounted in the back getting a wide angle shot of both Dakota and Cherry, the other one getting footwell video of Dakota’s sexy right foot working the gas pedal as she starts and drives the bus, you’ll also see her left foot work the clutch, that camera is P.I.P that’s in the upper corner of the right side of the screen.

    It takes Dakota about five minutes to turn the bus around now that the bus is turned around. Dakota follows Shish in the jeep. Shish takes the scenic route to Cassandra’s. Dakota shifts into third gear getting the engine rpms up there pretty good she shifts into fourth gear at least one time, from time to time she floors the gas pedal as she shifts gears. While Dakota drives over to Cassandra’s Cherry sings a song out loud, it’s a hot summer day as Dakota drives over to Cassandra’s making left and right turns.

    Dakota makes a left turn down the dirt road to Cassandra’s she tries to shift into second gear she has to shift back into first gear because the engine was lugging a little bit. Dakota parks the bus on the grass in front of the jeep, she does some revving for about a minute or two. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Dakota shuts the engine off after revving it both her and Cherry turn around looking who’s behind them. The End. Dakota you did a great driving video in the bus the both of you have sexy feet in flip flops. Shish your camera work as always great. Good Work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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