Damara’s Brakes Fail – #269

Damara’s Brakes Fail – #269

January 8th, 2013

Damara’s brakes fail while she’s driving the Monte Carlo.  She pumps the brake with her patent pumps to try and get the car to stop but it won’t slow down!  She freaks out, yelling for people to get out of her way!  She finally manages to slow the car down by other methods and makes a phone call to explain what just happened to her.  *Whew*  Close one!

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  1. Damara Brakes Failed In The Monte-Carlo / Black Patent Pumps / MP4 HD Custom #269

    Damara is sitting at her computer doing some work shes writing a story for the local newspaper, she gets a call on her cellphone she picks up her purse and her cellphone, she heads out the door shes going to interview a source for a story shes writing .

    Damara gets in her rust bucket a blue 1986 Chevy Monte-Carlo, what she dose not know is somebody cut her brake line, the brake fluid leaks on the driveway. Damara has a little trouble getting the Monte-Carlo to start when she gets it started it dies on her, she has to restart it three times before the engine stays running.

    Shish is getting some really great video he gets whole body video as Damara walks out to the car. After Damara gets in he getting a mixture of upper body and footwell video as Damara works the brake pedal.

    Now that Damara has the engine running she puts it in drive and is on her way, what she does not know is what danger awaits her. Damara is wearing a blue sleeveless blouse w/ white polka-dots, dark sun glasses, pink & white stripped skirt, sheer pantyhose, black patent leather stiletto pumps.

    Damara is driving down the road everything seems okay at first, until Damara presses down on the brake pedal so she can slow down, the brakes seem a little weak the brake pedal almost goes down to the floor. Damara presses down on the brake pedal more she begins to panic a little bit pleading with the car to please stop, as she franticly pumping the brake pedal hopping she can stop the Monte-Carlo .

    After close to five minutes of rapid pumping the brake pedal. Damara manages to pull the Monte-Carlo over on the side of the road, she puts the gearshift in park she calms down some she opens the drivers door she gets out and walks around to the passenger side, she bends down to look under the car she sees that all the brake fluid leaked out from the brake solenoid.

    Damara walks back over to the drivers side she gets in with the engine is still running, she pumps the brake pedal some, with her right arm she reaches over to the back seat to get her purse, she takes her cell phone out , she calls her friend to tell her what happened.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Shish is getting a whole body shot as Damara is pumping the brake pedal as she tells her friend what happened. The End.

    Damara you did a great custom brake failure video who ever ordered this custom. i hope you liked it I sure did. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. Normally I’m not a big fan of brake failure, but Damara was excellent in this particular vid playing the damsel truly in distress. After initially realizing that there might be a problem with the brakes, I only wonder why Damara kept going seemingly mashing down on the gas pedal and accelerating at an even faster clip? Perhaps, being a reporter for a local newspaper Damara simply had to get that story, no matter what.

    Great job both my Damara and Shish in filming this vid. I’m sure that many a woman would not want to be in the same predicament as Damara.

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