The Scenario:
“Main camera shot will be a side view angle of the full length of the Volvo wagon.

Damara is returning to her car after a summer afternoon spent at the neighborhood pool. Walking up to the driver’s side door, she searches in her bag for her car keys, and then unlocks the door and sits down in the seat, full of confidence to get this clunker started! She pulls the door shut and begins to crank the engine; the side view shot capturing the shaking tailpipe. The other camera angle will be from the passenger side, capturing both her thong sandal-clad foot on the gas pedal as she pumps it, and her face, partially hid by her sunglasses. These angles alternate as she continues to crank the engine for several cycles without success.

Finally, the engine turns over and the side angle captures the blasts of smoke from the tailpipe. Damara revs it hard for a couple of minutes, with both camera angles capturing her smug smile of success. Then, she puts the car in reverse and starts to back up, and when she does so, it stalls out on her. Another period of cranking and tailpipe shaking before it finally catches again, and she drives off.”

Unfortunately, the second paragraph never came to fruition due to the Volvo really not wanting to start. I think she flooded it too much because when we went back later to get it, it hesitantly started up. That girls is hell on cars!! But made for a great video! 🙂