Damara Cranking the Bug – #242

Damara Cranking the Bug – #242

October 4th, 2012

It’s raining, Damara is late and the Bug won’t start.  She’s wearing black sheer pantyhose with a pair of leather wedge sandals.  No dialogue, just her trying for 10 minutes to get the car started.
Sorry for the big file size, had to compress it as little as possible to retain as much quality for this particular clip.

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  1. Damara Cranking The Super-Beetle / Black Wedge Sandals / 720 P WMV HD/ Custom #242

    Its cold and raining outside Damara is going into town that is if she can get the super-bug to start. Damara is wearing a black coat, pink mini skirt, shear pantyhose, black wedge sandals. As the Video begins Damara has just closed the drivers door, she primes the carburetor by giving the gas pedals a couple of pumps. She turns the ignition key nothing.

    Damara is cranking and pumping the bug after about a couple of minutes of cranking the the engine begins to sputter some. Shish is outside is the rain getting mostly whole body shots with some footwell shots. Damara says” come on come on” a couple of times other then that she doesn’t say anything at all, as shes cranking. With her left foot on the clutch her right foot on the gas, as Damara is pumping the gas pedal every now and then she will arch her foot as shes pumping the gas pedal.

    Wile Damara is cranking and pumping she rolls down the window. It looks like Damara may have flooded the carburetor a couple of times she holds the gas pedal down all the way too the floor to clear out the carburetor of excess gas, it works a little bit she gets the engine to sputter for close to half a minute she keeps pumping the gas pedal trying to rev the engine, for a few seconds it looked like she might get the engine running.

    Then it dies on her Damara goes back to cranking and pumping the bug. If you look closely you see smoke coming from the exhaust, its a good thing Shish and Damara are outside the fumes from the bugs flooded carburetor must be to the point to where there almost getting headaches by now. So far the battery seems to be holding with all the cranking that Damara is doing. Damara’s feet in those black wedge open-toed sandals they look really sexy in them.

    With all the rain it looks like its just too damp to get the bugs engine to start. Damara comes close quite a few times, its not in the cards for her to go into town. If you watch the way Damara pumps the gas pedal she will hold it down sometimes for about one maybe two seconds at a time just enough to get the engine to sputter now and then.

    It looks like Damara isn’t going into town after all. As the PTP copyright pops up on the screen. Damara has had enough of the bug.She reaches too the backseat to pick up her pure and her smart-phone she rolls up the window she opens the drivers door she gets out and goes back into the house. The End.

    Damara you did a great cranking video who ever ordered this custom. I hope you liked it I sure did. Shish your camera as always great good work all!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 P.S Hope you didn’t catch a cold shooting this video. LoL 😛 😛

  2. Those old VW Beetles of the late 50’s – mid 70’s all had one thing in common, as seen in this vid. When it was raining out, or a recent downpour had occurred those old cars simply were almost impossible to start up. My family owned one, 1965 model and, (pretty much in a brand new state) one day it would not start up for my parents. Towing it to a garage that specialized in VW repair work the mechanic told them that the car itself had a serious design flaw. As those Bugs were air-cooled, (no radiator) instead of water-cooled, the German engineers designed the car’s engine to receive cool air when running through a series of vents placed on the rear hood above the engine, (rear mounted). Unfortunately in rainy and inclement weather this often allowed, over time, water to seep into the electrical parts, (plugs, points and distributor cap) inside the engine. Like trying to light a damp or wet match, there simply was not enough combustion as the driver turned the key in the ignition holding it in the “start” position while attempting and often failing to get those old VW Bugs started. The mechanic, replacing the damaged parts told my parents that the best thing to do if the Bug was to be left outside in a driveway all the time was to tie some type of tarp over the rear mounted and slats to prevent water from getting into the engine. They did this and essentially did not have many more rainy weather starting problems in the future until getting rid of the car, more due to old age some 10 years later.

    A lot of those classic VW Bug owners were unaware of this suggestion given to my parents by that mechanic. My old h.s. girlfriend then 16 and about to get her driver’s license was given her parents hand-me-down 1961 VW Bug, (this was in the mid 70’s) as her first car. She found out the hard way one day that leaving her car out overnight in rainy weather was simply asking for starting trouble. She left the Bug out overnight in a monsoon in her parents’ large circular driveway instead of back into the garage where it was normally kept. The next day as I came over her house to be in the car with her as she was to take it out on the road and practice driving, (and since I was a licensed driver and 18 at the time it was fine by law in this particular state for her to drive a car even though she only had her learner’s permit). I’ll always remember her not being able to get her Bug started at all over two long starting sessions. The car’s electrical components in the engine had become saturated with rain water over night. Like most clueless young woman completely unaware of how to start a carburetor-tuned engine correctly she pumped the gas pedal hundreds of times, (not listening to my directions as she could be quite stubborn) and not only flooded the engine with foul gas but eventually drained the car’s battery dead. And yes, I will admit that it was sexy to watch her. Being teenagers and in heat a lot of “petting” took place inside that car in between, (and even during) my g.f’s repeated efforts to get her car started. Instead, we only ended up pushing the car back into one of her parents’ garages attached to the house. Turns out she never even got her Bug out of her driveway.

    Damara was excellent in this vid. Quite clearly the ’72 Super Beetle had been left outside for awhile in the rain, still pouring down steadily as this vid was filmed. I loved Damara’s variety of pedal pumping technique – alternating with slow pumping, rapid pumping of the gas pedal as she cranked the engine, holding the gas pedal down to the floor, not pumping it, pumping in between cranks. It was an outstanding and convincing job on her part.

    With smoke exhaust coming from the car’s tail pipe and visible in the vid, even Damara took notice of this. A few times Damara waved her hand in front of her face, undoubtedly she could smell the foul gas coming from the flooded carburetor, (yet another symptomatic problem with those older classic Bugs being the fact that the car’s engine flooded quite easily). In addition to the fact that the passenger right side door was open throughout the vid enabling Shish to get great shots of Damara’s legs and feet in those open toed- wedge sandals, Damara opened her driver’s side window. Wouldn’t have wanted this beautiful lady to be overcome with foul gas fumes, lol!

    As noted from the first comment posted above, (another excellent analysis by Praxis btw) Damara did get the Bug started a few times. But with the wet wires and foul gas inundating the carburetor the Bug always stalled out after a few seconds forcing Damara into more prolonged cranking efforts.

    Great vid done by Damara and filmed by Shish. Unfortunately, Damara ended up going nowhere. Not such a big surprise considering the car that she was trying to start up and the inclement weather that took place on the day of her shoot. Watching this vid brought back some excellent memories – of my h.s. girlfriend and her incident that one day as well as several years later a college coed who ran into the same problem being unable to start her mid-60’s Bug which also took place on a wet, rainy day.

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