Damara Driving Around in the Bus in Patent Pumps

Damara Driving Around in the Bus in Patent Pumps

May 25th, 2014

This clip shows that Damara is one of our best stick-shift drivers!  She handles the old Bus with ease as she works the pedals in a pair of patent stiletto pumps.  It’s misting as well but that doesn’t stop her from driving it hard and aggressive!  You can hear the engine revving way up just before she shifts.  Near the end, she almost gets the Bus stuck trying to turn it around.

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  1. I have commented before that IMO, Damara is not only one of PTP’s best stick-shift drivers as ShisH stated in the vid description, but she is perhaps the best pure driver of a vehicle of any of the site’s models. In other vids featuring Damara you see her operate some of the vehicles within the PTP fleet, (particularly the Monte Carlo and Camaro) expertly and driving at high rates of speed, always with the car completely under control. I seem to remember that in one vid, Damara set the PTP record for starting from and arriving at a particular destination at a time faster than any other model before or since. Damara further shows off her driving/racing skills by driving those cars fast while wearing high heels as seen in this vid.

    Repeating an earlier statement of how highly I think of Damara, “move over Danica Patrick, this lady might have something for you”. Damara could be a race car driver as well with some of the skills she has exhibited in her vids. It also helps that Damara is as easy on the eyes, (plus a great pair of legs that she is blessed to have) as NASCAR’S Ms. Patrick who drives the #10 “Go-Daddy” sponsored racing car.

  2. Damara Driving The VW Bus Lite Drizzle / Black Patent Leather Stiletto Pumps / 1072I MP4 HD

    it’s raining outside a lite drizzle as Damara starts the engine up on the bus it fires right up with no problem. Damara puts the gearshift into first gear as she slowly goes down the driveway at Cassandra’s she makes a right turn. Shish is getting mostly footwell video for about the first half of the video as she shifts through the gears, from what I can tell she only shifted into forth gear one time.

    Damara is getting the engines RPMS up there good she floors it quite a bit she mostly shifts into third gear, she makes left and right turns. Damara is wearing a pink short sleeve t-shirt,denim mini dress, black patent leather stiletto pumps /w a little toe cleavage. As Damara drives Shish will get some upper body video from time to time wile she’s driving, she stooped at a stop sign she had a little bit of trouble shifting into first gear, Shish told her how to do it, other then that Damara shifted through the gears like a race car driver trying to go as fast as she can, with it raining she wasn’t able to go as fast as she would like too go.

    Damara heads back to Cassandra’s where this video began she makes a left turn down the driveway she stops as a black cat walks in front of the bus. Damara asks Shish where she wants the bus parked, he tells her backup the bus and park it besides the Coronet. Damara had a little bit of trouble getting the gearshift in reverse. Shish had to show her how to put the gearshift in reverse, now Damara is backing the bus up she floors the gas pedal really good getting the engine to scream loud the bus is barely moving Damara got the bus stuck for only a few seconds, she gets the bus unstuck, she moves the bus up forward just a little bit to where it’s parked besides the Coronet.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Damara shuts the buses engine off she takes her right foot off the brake pedal. The End.

    Damara you did a great driving video in the bus your feet look really sexy in those black patent leather stiletto pumps. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  3. She is hot behind the wheel isn’t she?? I love confident and dominant drivers that really take control of a vehicle…..!!

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