Damara Blows the Bus Motor – #356

Damara Blows the Bus Motor – #356

September 6th, 2014

I posted a teaser of this clip on Youtube but now you get to see the abuse that led up to the motor giving out.  This wasn’t the stock motor, it was a fresh rebuild by the previous owner.  But with all the hard driving the girls have done in it over the past 2 years, it finally threw in the towel!  Damara shows it no mercy in this clip.  She keeps those rpm’s high the whole time!

We’re now in the process of rebuilding this motor to use as a backup for the fresh motor that is in the Bus now.  Apparently she did a good number on this motor in the video, she spun a rod, messed up the crank and cracked a head.  Just another day here at PTP HQ! B-)

2 thoughts on “Damara Blows the Bus Motor – #356”

  1. that’s the way uh-huh uh-huh I like it uh-huh
    Very nice to see an old vw engine blown by a pretty girl and awesome driver like Damara!!!

  2. Damara Drives & Blows The Engine On The VW Bus / Brown Flip Flops / Custom #356 / 720 P MP4 HD/ P.I.P

    it’s a hot summer day Damara is going to do a custom driving video in the VW bus she’s wearing dark sun glasses, brown t-shirt, denim shorts, brown flip flops. Damara backs the bus up close to the house for a few minutes she sits in the bus in the hot sun she starts the bus she almost had to crank and pump the buses gas pedal she gets the engine started she goes down the driveway and makes a left turn. Damara abuses the hell out of the buses engine as she shifts through the gears she gets the engine rpms up there pretty hight it looks like a little bit to high.

    Damara has been driving the bus for close to eight minutes so far everything seems okay until on this stretch of road Damara shifts into fourth gear she has her foot to the floor on the gas pedal the engine rpms aren’t as high as they should be she shifts down into third gear. Damara thinks something is wrong she waves to Shish whose in a car in front of the bus she pulls over to the side of the road the bus doesn’t come to a complete stop when the engine died. Shish walks up to the drivers door Damara tells Shish that the engine is sputtering and it wont go.

    Shish is using P.I.P up in the upper left cornet of the screen that one is getting footwell video from her thighs down to her feet in her brown flip flops her feet look sexy in them the rest of the screen is upper body video that camera is mounted on the windshield a little to the left of Damara. Shish asks Damara to try to get the engine to start backup it wont turn over, he walks to the back of the bus to see what the problem is, he asks Damara to make sure the ignition is off. Shish tells Damara that the valve cam is off, he shuts off the camera off. The End.

    Well one thing is for sure this custom driving video didn’t quite go as planed the buses engine blew, for the first nine minutes we got a great driving video from Damara her feet look sexy in those flip flops. Shish your camera work as always great, who ever ordered this custom I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Good Work all!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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