Damara Driving the Bug Barefoot – #654

Damara Driving the Bug Barefoot – #654

July 31st, 2016

Scarlet and Damara went to pick up the Bug. Damara has to turn it around first while Scarlet is filming from the outside. It takes Damara a bit but she gets it turned around and floors the hell out of it on the drive back. She takes the rpm’s up high and even though she’s using the reverse ring in each shift, she fortunately never puts it into reverse…whew!

3 thoughts on “Damara Driving the Bug Barefoot – #654”

  1. Wow!!! I mean this is one of the best bug driving vids for me on the site! Love the way this lady controls cars and just takes em to the absolute limit (and barefoot in this case…yippieeee!!!).
    You cannot go wrong with Damara–she could have been a pro racing driver.

  2. Damara Driving The Super-Beetle Back Too HQ From Cassandra’s / Barefoot / 720P MP4 HD / Custom#654

    Damara is trying to back the bug out of it’s parking spot up at Cassandra’s, she’s having a hard time backing the bug and turning around she goes forward and backwards quite a bit for a little over three minutes, part of the problem is the jeep is in the way. Damara is trying to find a way to get around the jeep finally someone moves the jeep so Damara can get on the driveway it might have been Cassandra that moves the jeep. I’m not sure on that, when the video first began Damara’s sun glasses were on the roof, either Damara or Scarlet retrieved the sun glasses.

    Scarlet is shooting this video she’s getting a wide angle shot as Damara struggles to find a way to get the bug on the driveway. Now that Damara is on the driveway Scarlet gets in the front passenger seat getting upper and some really great footwell shots of Damara’s sexy size 7 feet as they work the gas brake and clutch pedals. Damara is wearing dark sun glasses, white long sleeve blouse, denim shorts, barefoot . Damara makes a left turn form the dirt road she shifts through the gears trying to gun the engine going as fast as she can when traffic permits, every now and then Damara bumps the gearshift in neutral and revs the engine, she does this quite a bit through out the video.

    Apparently Damara hasn’t driven the bug for a wile when she shifts into either third or fourth gears she pulls up on the lever on the gearshift below the gearshift knob she might have been shifting into reverse gear by mistake she grinds the gears she does this at least three or four times. Damara and Scarlet talk about this a little bit. Damara is making left and right turns, when she was making a right turn at a stop sign she has this big grin on her face she was laughing a little bit, if you look closely the Volvo went by them. Cassandra might have been driving. Damara’s bare-feet look sexy working the pedals as she shifts through the gears trying to go as as she can.

    The video is coming to an end now I though at first they were driving over to HQ it looks like they drove back over to Cassandra’s. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Damara parks the bug and shuts the engine off and leaves the gearshift in gear. The End. Damara you did a great custom driving video in the bug, you have sexy bare-feet who ever ordered this custom I hope you liked it as much as I did. Scarlet your camera work as always great. Good work all!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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