Damara in the Volvo – #547 (2nd Edit)

Damara in the Volvo – #547 (2nd Edit)

January 4th, 2015

Same clip as the original here…Trying to find her destination.  Lots of stopping, reversing, turning around and stalling with flooded hard-to-start cranking.  This edit is with the main view and picture-in-picture feeds swapped.

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  1. Hi All,

    The comments I would like to add to this video are similar to the ones I added to the last one in this Custom series which I ordered from the ‘PTP Suite’… This video COMPLETELY takes my breath AWAY!!! WOW…. Damara you are FANTASTIC!!!

    It’s really great to have more variety in this series – since although the video is the same as the last one, it is subltley different in that this edit has had the main view and the picture-in-picture view swapped from the other edit – I enjoy both edits equally – Thank you ShisH, Scarlet & Damara for giving us the luxury of enjoying both versions – I’m over the moon!!! 🙂

    I picture a WONDERFUL scenario here (which I am sure many guys would LOVE to experience) where Damara is the “office honey” and she has offered to give you a lift to the office in her CRANKY old car which she has recently picked up for a bargain price . She was looking for a car which could just get her to from A to B and with minimal maintenance needed as she HATES spending money on the car… She would MUCH rather spend the money on sleek new pairs of dress shoes! The neglected car has therefore GOT to be robust enough to cope with her occasional BAD/ LAZY driving habits on her hard daily drive to the office.

    This REALLY is my IDEAL dream scenario of a BEAUTIFUL driving/ pedal-pumping damsel in distress who loses patience with her old car from time to time when it “doesn’t co-operate” to her need to get work sharply. SO EXCITING to see!!!

    Damara looks GORGEOUS in her office clothing with hose/ tights and her patent black high-heeled pumps (which incidentally showcase some SUPER-SEXY toe cleavage). I love the way Damara’s sleek hairstyle looks with her large silver hooped earrings too. The earrings add lots of extra animation to the clip as they bob about as she is driving (AND STALLING). WOW… Watching her feet working the pedals will have you in a COMPLETE DAZE!!! I LOVE the way she manipulates the pedals with her toe/ heel technique and the fact that she brakes and STALLS the car since she occasionally forgets to use the clutch whilst slowing down! The camera captures some AMAZING SHUDDER effects as the car stalls! I know for a fact that Scarlet filmed this custom video series for me and she really has pulled out ALL of the stops for me in order to capture the ULTIMATE driving damsel role play from Damara. Thank you SO MUCH Scarlet for filming this for me with Damara. This video features EVERYTHING I could possibly ask for – LOTS of steering wheel turning; stalling; driving forwards in low gears and driving FAST in reverse when she missing a turning!

    I am absolutely THRILLED!!!

    RoadRunner xXx

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