Custom description:
Inside the car, She tries to start it. She thinks barefoot is more comfortable and then she takes off her shoes and try to start barefoot. From then til the end she is barefoot. She start pumping hard barefoot to get the car start. When the car runs she must show it who’s boss: revving! Damara revs hard the car barefoot to make it scream. She demonstrates pleased to hear the noise of the engine screaming loud every time she hammer her little foot on the gas.

After giving the car a good revving she should take a hammer floored and hold for a while till make imprints on her soles. And show’s the imprints of gas in his little foot to Cam.

After showing the bottom of foot imprinted she should ask “Hard enough for you?”

And then she goes back to gas pumping it hard and revving to give another full throttle and hold it down to imprint her sole. Then she shows the sole to the camera again to show the new imprint.

{Cam shows Damara’s soles and close up to show the imprints on her little foot}

{From here the camera should be on the passenger side next to the throttle by side.}

Then she slams on the brakes and clutch as if to leave with the car. But it dies. Then she starts the car with her foot on the brake and the heel on the gas. She played with the accelerator pressed and when the car starts, she takes the car to the proper treatment stepping hard on the gas with the heel as “punta-taco” She rev it hard to hear the engine screams strong and her heel is marked by the gas as she put the throttle even more and shows her heel imprinted by the gas.

Then she gives some more hard revs with the toe at the top of the pedal. So she gives a full throttle rev stretching the leg and showing the leg and heel prick stretched to show perfection and every detail of that little foot stepping up and showing her big toe spreading the gas and imprinted.

{Cam shows Damara’s foot and big toe imprinted by the gas}

And she turn the car off and put her shoes saying, “Goodbye.”