Damara Slips & Slides & Stalls in the Mud, 1 of 3

Damara Slips & Slides & Stalls in the Mud, 1 of 3

May 3rd, 2012

So, here’s the back-story to this clip:

“One time, in a galaxy far far….” –oops, not quite.
“Once upon a time, this princess…” –dammit!

Ok ok, for real….so Damara has on this particular outfit for a cranking custom video we are to do in the Monte Carlo.  It was raining that whole day and made filming our customs slow.  What you don’t see is that Scarlet & Tiffany are in the Volvo if you glimpse out the drivers door window in the beginning of this clip.  They were waiting for Damara and I to leave so they could finish their custom video.  Because we had been using different cars, Damara had to drive around this little ‘loop’ part of the driveway at our friend’s house.  There is an electrical box near this path and I have to tell Damara to be careful.  She is maneuvering the Monte and we’re talking…well, more like me instructing her what part to avoid.  You can hear me tell her to stop before she runs over something she isn’t.  She finally sees the path but she wasn’t paying attention as she was backing up…too busy looking forward.  When she puts it in ‘Drive’, she just feels the wheels slip in the muck and the back end gets a bit floaty.  Needless to say, this begins the stuck dilemma that couldn’t of come at a worse time.  The clock is ticking, a custom needs to be done in that car at a specific location and happenstance has Damara stuck (again) in the same boots she wore in her past stuck custom video.  Not planned at all!

Enjoy the first part of this three part series of Damara showing you what it’s like and how girls REALLY act when they get stuck for real.

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  1. Damara Mixed In The Monte-Carlo / Black OTK Boots HD / Clip 1 Of 3

    Its been raining outside Shish has Damara move the Monte-Carlo. So Tiffany and Scarlet can do there custom video. Shish is giving instructions on where to go the problem is Damara isn’t paying attention on where she should be going. Damara is wearing a raspberry and gray checkered long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, black OTK boots.

    Damara is wearing the same outfit she wore when she did the custom revving video that was posted last week she also did a custom cranking clip in the Monte-Carlo in this outfit. From what I can tell it looks like Damara backed up a little bit to far she gets the Monte-Carlo stuck shes able to to back up some when she tries to go forward thats when she has problems the engine stalls out quite a bit she has no trouble getting the Monte-Carlo started back up at least in clip one.

    If you look real closely through the drivers side door window there’s a Volvo in the distance it looks like it early 80’s model it might be Cassandra’s I could be wrong on that Tiffany and Scarlet are sitting in the Volvo waiting on Damara to move the Monte-Carlo so they can shoot there custom video the clock is ticking. Damara and Shish talk some in clip one. Shish is getting a mixture of upper body and footwell shots as Damara tries to get the Monte-Carlo unstuck.

    Damara is able to get the Monte-Carlo to go forward then she gets stuck she comes short to getting on the driveway she has to backup and try again she keeps at it Shish gets out and gets a whole shot of the Monte-Carlo as Damara goes back and forth trying to get up stuck she has the windshield wipers it looks like its still raining it appears to be a lite drizzle. Damara gets the tires spinning really good theres smoke coming from them.

    The caption for this three part series is as real as it gets, its going to be interesting to see how Damara reacts to being stuck for real in clips two and three. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Damara is still trying to get the Monte-Carlo unstuck she almost gets up on the driveway.

    What will clip two bring us? Will Damara continue to get the Monte-Carlo to restart? Will Tiffany and Scarlet get to shoot there custom video on time? We will have to wait and find out in clip two. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    P.S In the background there’s what looks like a two tone black and white 1960 Ford Fairlane four-door I think its a Ford Fairlane. Could we be seeing this car in future videos? Just thinking out loud. :Think2: :Think2:

  2. Hoping they’ll be a lil’ more pedal pumping shown in parts two and three.

  3. There is a bit more but not a lot. This was totally unplanned, unexpected and I was trying to capture the moment as best I could while making sure she didn’t slide us off the hillside. This isn’t a staged clip where I could get well-lit pedal pumping shots. Hopefully there is still some enjoyment in it for foot-centered folks. 🙂

  4. KICK A** Clip!! Same thing I was thinking re the Hillside…She Had it Floored AND Damn that stuff was Slick SLICK!!! I Of course Loved the Hard Revvin thrown in! 😀 😀 Thanks for Filming.. 😀 😀

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