Damara & Scarlet Make a Food Run to DQ

Damara & Scarlet Make a Food Run to DQ

January 25th, 2014


It’s time for FOOOOD!  Damara hops behind the wheel of the Monte Carlo, takes a few attempts to get it going, lights up a cigarette, turns around in the yard and hits the road.  They don’t have far to go, so it’s a quick drive.  They place their order at the drive-thru and when Damara goes to start the car again, it doesn’t start up right away.  She gives that, “Uh-oh, LOL!” look to Scarlet but fortunately for them, they don’t have to call for rescue as the car starts back up.  Once they get the food, Damara digs in to a corn-dog as she drives back!

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  1. Damara & Scarlet On Food Run In The Monte-Carlo Too Dairy Queen / Black Leather Mary Jane Ballet Flats / 720 P MP4 HD

    It’s a nice day it’s time for lunch Damara hops behind the wheel of he Monte-Carlo Scarlet is in the front passenger seat shooting this video, there going to Dairy Queen for lunch. Damara is wearing a green pullover short sleeve shirt, dark sun glasses, denim shorts, black Mary Jane leather ballet flats. As the video begins Damara cranks and pumps the Monte-Carlo’s gas pedal it takes a few tries she gets the engine started up pretty fast, Damara lites up a cigarette she then puts the gearshift in reverse to backup and turn the car around, she makes a right turn from the driveway and there on thee way to Dairy Queen, it’s not that far from the house only about a two minute drive.

    Scarlet is getting a mixture of upper body and some really great footwell video of Damara’s feet in those black leather ballet flats they look sexy in them. Damara tells what she and Scarlet and Shish want through the intercom wile there parked near the Dairy Queen wile she’s doing that. Damara lets the engine idle a little bit to long the engine stalls after making sure that they have there order right Damara has to do a little cranking and pumping of the Monte-Carlo’s gas pedal, it takes her about twenty seconds to get the engine to start backup, Damara pulls up to the drive through window with her soft drink besides her as she gives the engine a little bit of gas as they head to the exit.

    Damara is eating her corn-dog as she’s doing that she’s so into eating her corn-dog she almost made a right turn instead of a left turn. Scarlet pokes Damara in the arm to make sure she turns left, the drive back to the house is uneventful, the Monte-Carlo behaves itself for the drive back to the house.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Damara is driving back to the house after making a right turn. The End.

    Damara you did a great mixed crank and drive video in the Monte-Carlo, your feet look really sexy in those black leather ballet flats. Scarlet you did great shooting this video. Good work all!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

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