Damara & Tiffany Cranking the BMW 2002 in the Rain, 1 of 2

Damara & Tiffany Cranking the BMW 2002 in the Rain, 1 of 2

July 4th, 2012


It’s nasty outside and Damara is trying to get to town.  She’s driving the old BMW 2002 but it’s a real pain in the ass to start!  She gets in, gets situated, turns the key and starts pumping the gas, hoping to massage some cooperation from it.  It just spins over and laughs at her.  She pumps it up, priming the carburetor and starts cranking again but it’s still refusing.  This woman vs. machine argument goes on for quite some time and she does manage to get some sputtering, coughing and signs of life from the old car but she just can’t get it to run.  Is she out of fuel?  Is the distributor wet?  Tiffany has been paying attention to Damara’s struggles and finally comes outside to see if she can help.  Tiffany gets in the drivers seat and starts pumping the hell out of the gas pedal in her green wellies (rain boots).  The girls figure if one woman can’t defeat the 2002 then maybe woman power can make the car roar!

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  1. Damara & Tiffany Cranking The 2002 BMW / Clip 1 Of 2/ Raining And Miserible And Damp

    Its raining outside its damp and humid Damara is going into town shes going to drive her temperamental 2002 BMW that is if she can get it to start. Damara is wearing a orange rain coat, blue dress with white circles, sheer pantyhose, black open-toed stiletto pumps. Damara is now in the BMW she puts her umbrella in the back seat she turns the key the engine will not start not even so much as sputter.

    With the gear shift in neutral her left foot on the clutch shes now cranking and pumping with the rain is coming down as as shes trying to start the BMW .Shish is in the passenger seat getting a mixture of upper body and footwell shots he pans the camera from her head down to her feet a little later he gets out walks over to the drivers side with the drivers door open getting whole body shots as Damara is cranking and pumping the BMW’S gas pedal.

    After a few minutes of cranking and pumping Damara is getting this look on her face shes getting angry with the BMW she pleads with the BMW please don’t do this to me as shes cranking and pumping, the engine is teasing her a little bit pretending to want to start. Damara keeps at it she stops cranking for a few seconds the windshield wipers go a little bit crazy from time to time the wiper blades go back and forth from time to time.

    Damara goes back to cranking and pumping. Tiffany sees that Damara is having trouble getting the BMW Shish also gets video of the instrument cluster as Damara is cranking and pumping its still raining outside with it being so humid that’s making more difficult for Damara to get the BMW to start.

    Tiffany comes outside she asks Damara can she try? Damara scoots over to the passenger seat Tiffany gets in shes wearing a blue turtleneck sweater, denim mini skirt, green rain boots. now Tiffany gives it a try shes pounding the gas pedal hard and fast. Shish gets whole body shots and some really good footwell shots of Tiffany’s feet as shes trying to get the BMW to start.

    Shish is up on the porch getting video of the BMW from the front of the car as Tiffany is cranking and pounding the gas pedal.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Tiffany is still trying to get the BMW to start. What will clip two bring us?? Will Tiffany get the BMW to start so Damara can go into town? We will have to wait and find out. until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 P.S Happy fourth of July. 😀

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