Damara & Tiffany Cranking the BMW 2002 in the Rain, 2 of 2

Damara & Tiffany Cranking the BMW 2002 in the Rain, 2 of 2

July 29th, 2012


The girls are still battling with the old BMW but they are making progress.  The car is continually coughing and sputtering as Tiffany is aggressively pumping the gas pedal, trying to get much needed fuel into the little engine that maybe-couldn’t-sort-of-kinda-could-possibly run.  Their efforts pay off as near the end of the clip, they get the car running and lots of exhaust fumes and white smoke comes out of the centered dual pipes.  Job well done ladies!

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  1. Damara & Tiffany Cranking The 2002 BMW / Clip 2 Of 2/ Raining And Miserable And Damp

    As we continue from clip one its still raining Tiffany is sill trying too get the BMW too start. Shish is behind the car getting video of the exhaust as Tiffany is cranking away, the rear window is wet from all the rain. Damara reaches back to the rear window she tries to draw on the window to see if she can draw anything she can’t every now and then the engine will cough as Tiffany is cranking and pumping the BMW’S gas pedal.

    Shish walks up to the passenger door. Damara opens the door he gets some video. Tiffany is pounding the gas pedal with her green rain boots. Tiffany stops cranking for a few seconds she pumps the gas pedal about eight or ten times she turns the ignition key to crank it the car lurched forward this startles both Damara and Tiffany they both laugh there having a good time trying to get the BMW to start.

    As Tiffany keeps cranking she asks Damara how she should she pump the gas pedal, the engine is trying to catch. If Tiffany can find the right rhythm to pump the gas pedal the engine just might start, the engine coughs and it is beginning to sputter some more like it wants to start . Tiffany says”Oh my gosh I don’t get it.” With all that cranking and pumping Tiffany’s feet in those rain boots her feet must be hot and sweaty by now they must be like a swamp inside those boots

    After close to five minutes of cranking and pumping the camera fades for a few seconds the rain seems to have stopped not to long just about a minute. Tiffany is pounding the gas pedal the engine sputters more and more to where Tiffany gets the engine running as long as she keeps the rpms up and not let the engine idle it will run she let off the gas the engine died on her. Tiffany restarts it shes having a hard time keeping it running.

    The engine dies on her at least one maybe two more times shes able to get it start as long as she keeps her foot on the gas pedal. Shish is getting video from the exhaust when the engine is running there’s white smoke coming out of the exhaust.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Tiffany has been revving the engine for close to 30 seconds before it dies again. Shish tells Tiffany to stop cranking the BMW. The End.

    Damara and Tiffany you bot did a great cranking video and Tiffany got to do a abbreviated revving only for about a little over a minute. Damara your feet looked sexy in those black patent leather pumps. Tiffany your feet looked sexy in those green rain boots. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 P.S Shish hope you didn’t get a cold shooting this video. 😀

  2. Green rain boots are so exciting….I do hope to see them again soon!!

    Great job!

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