Jane, with her almost-crotch-high boots, is trying to start the car first. She’s teasing it up a little — no, she’s teasing it up a lot! She gets some flirty dialogue going while looking at you guys through the camera and asking if you like fast or slow pumping better (while demonstrating each way, of course!). Her little black tank top has her girls are plumped up and are bouncing while she’s pumping on the gas pedal.
Now it’s Diana’s turn…she goes for a more matter-of-fact approach. She has to slide the seat way back because she’s got them long ass legs before she’s able to crank the car. She’s got a black/blue business suit on, black pantyhose and white pumps. I imagine she’s had plenty of car trouble in her day trying to get to work in the mornings.
**This is the same as ‘Part 1’ but filmed from a different camera. Filmed from outside, through the windshield, open drivers door and exhaust shots.