Dirty Diana’s Z28 Broke Down in Red Leather Suit & Boots, 2 of 2
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Dirty Diana’s Z28 Broke Down in Red Leather Suit & Boots, 2 of 2

August 21st, 2021

Diana flags down a passing vehicle and we see from his perspective this sexy and curvaceous damsel walking up to his car. She asks if he can help her as he’s the first person she’s seen drive by here. He obliges and she’s so relieved.

“I think I flooded. I’m such a clutz.” she says. She gets in the car to try and start so he can see what’s going on. The throttle linkage is moving back-and-forth from her pumping the gas. He walks to the open drivers door and gets a view straight up her red leather skirt as she cranks the car. She’s given some instruction to pump the gas more and tries again.

Are you sure that’s helping?” she asks very worriedly. She might be on to him but nevertheless, she’s stranded and what else can she do other than take the help from this stranger?

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  1. Dirty Diana Cranking The Camaro Z28 ( Broke Down On The Side Of The Road – Ralphie To The Rescue Great That’s All She Needs) Dark Black Leather Mid Calf Stiletto Boots W/ Metal Studs / 1080I MP4 HD / Clip 2 Of 2

    As we continue from clip one Diana still can’t get her classic Camaro to start backup she thinks she flooded the carburetor, she thinks she’s a klutz, a jeep comes down the road Diana hopes the man behind the wheel of the jeep can help her get her Camaro started backup so she can drive home, what Diana doesn’t know is the man behind the wheel of the jeep is Ralphie whose been a nightmare for many women in and around Alabama.

    Ralphie turns the jeep around and parks in front of the Camaro after he asks her if she needs help, she says yes. As time goes by Diana regrets asking Ralphie fiddles with the engine, he works the throttle linkage moving it back and forth flooding the carburetor even more. Shish shoots quite a bit of wide angle video as he drives up to the Camaro and asking Diana if she needs any help after she flags him down, and upper and footwell video from the drivers door it’s still open all the way, and from the passenger seat shooting upper and footwell video.

    The look on Diana says it all she wishes she never asked Ralphie to help, the engine doesn’t even try to catch he doesn’t really do anything to try to get the engine to start. Diana smells gas she’s beginning to think she flooded the carburetor, Ralphie doesn’t think so, of course he wood he gets his jolly’s by watching women in distress , the battery is getting weak and the starter is spinning slower and slower.

    Diana stops cranking the Camaro’s engine she picks up her smartphone and gets out. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Diana gets out of the Camaro. The End. Diana you did a great two part cranking series in the Camaro, your feet look sexy in those black leather mid calf boots w/ metal studs. Shish your camera work great good work all!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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