The scenario:
“Dirty Diana is going to a childhood friends wedding.  We see her walk out the door, down the steps and over to the car.  She looks more like Classy Diana instead of Dirty Diana.  She slides in, looks in the rear-view mirror to check her makeup and lipstick.  She is excited about going……..but the car isn’t.  She twists the key no catch.  Tries again, no catch.  She’s not pumping the gas yet.   She is dumbfounded!   Now she pumps it several times, turns the key and no luck…damn!  Well, looks like it’s now going to be a crankin and pumpin marathon.  She tries several pumpin styles including the pump-n-grind and some rapid pumping but all the motor does is give her the raspberries.  She can’t understand why its acting up and she pleas with it and begins to feel sad.  Her new pair of yellow pumps hurt so she slides them off rubs her stocking feet together (show this) and begins to pump and grind the gas pedal in her stocking feet. She puts her right shoe on for one last attempt but nothing.  She sits back and sulks as the wedding is about to start but the car isn’t. Her iPHONE rings and it is someone wondering where she is at. She explains her sadness and they will be there in ten minutes. Oh what a relief!”