The Scenario:
From my POV, she leads me outside to the car to show me that it wont start. She knows about my fetish, and is doing this to tease the info out of me. I watch her from outside the drivers side door as she gets in, leaves her left leg out and begins cranking. She’s giving me sexy looks as I watch her crank, over and over. She tells me to go look at the engine as she gets out of the car. As we’re under the hood, she tells me she’s seen how I look at her when she’s starting the car and she sees how “excited” I get when it wont start. When she goes back to cranking, I go back to watching. She talks dirty between cranks, and while cranking, she does sexy begging for it to start. She admits that the vibrations even get her excited too, and eventually she grabs me by the hand to take me inside.