Dirty Diana Cranking & Driving Volvo Barefoot

Dirty Diana Cranking & Driving Volvo Barefoot

August 8th, 2012

Diana walks to the car barefoot, gets in and begins the process of starting the Volvo.  It takes her a few minutes to get it started and then she backs up and hits the road.  She drives us around a bit, working the pedals in with her bare feet and legs.  She gets a feel for the old wagon pretty quick and doesn’t have much of a problem driving it.  One vehicle down, 7 more to conquer.  >:)

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  1. New Model Dirty Diana Cranking & Driving The Volvo / Barefoot / MP4 1080 HD

    PTP has a new model her name is Dirty Diana shes wearing a blue corset,( I think?) denim shorts, barefoot. Diana walks out to the Volvo she gets in. Diana begins to crank and pump the Volvo, she seems to know her way around old cars, the engine sputters a couple of times.

    Wile Diana is cranking and pumping with her left foot on the clutch as shes cranking and pumping she doesn’t use the choke not one time, after the engine sputters about two times. Diana gets the Volvo running she backs the Volvo out of its parking space she has a little trouble getting the Volvo to back up at first she finally gets the Volvo backed up before the engine dies on her.

    Shish gets in the Volvo. Diana has to do a little cranking and pumping it takes her about 30 sec to get the Volvo started and running again.

    When the video began Shish was getting video through the drivers side window, after Diana gets the Volvo running Shish is inside the Volvo getting a mixture of upper body and footwell shots of Diana’s size 10 feet she sure has sexy barefeet it looks like she has a French pedicure on her toes.

    Now that the Volvo is running Diana puts the gearshift in first gear as she lets off the clutch she makes sure she released the emergency brake lever all the way, if you look at the instrument cluster on the dashboard the emergency brake light might be lit I’m not sure on that before Diana backed out of her parking space there was a light lit on the instrument cluster .

    As Diana sifts gears she puts the gearshift into fourth gear by mistake Shish tells her where second gear is, she picks up where the gears are in the Volvo really fast. Diana takes a short drive through some of the neighborhoods around where there shooting these videos.

    One things for sure Diana knows how to cold start a temperamental old car like a Volvo she also knows how to drive a stick shes comfortable driving a stick shes calm as a cucumber.

    Diana heads back to the house she turns into the driveway she parks the Volvo in the same spot is was parked in when this video began .

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Dian sets the emergency brake she puts the gear shift into second gear she shuts off the engine. The End.

    Diana you did a great job cranking and pumping, the thing that amazes me your the second model I’ve seen that has gotten the Volvo to cold-start without using the choke. you have sexy barefeet, you sure know your way around a stick shift. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 P.S Diana welcome to PTP hope you like it here. 😀

  2. Diana looks fantastic in her blue corset and denim shorts… Her foot action on the gas pedal looks great as she cranks the starter. I LOVE the fact that the Volvo is somewhat stubborn to start ad the fact that it needs quite a lot of cranking to get started- I guess the engine must be cold? Diana’s patience must endure lots of persistant starter motor cranking! I really like the sound of the Volvo’s starter…

    There are some really magic flood tease moments within the first 2 minutes of the video where the engine sputters to life momentarily but floods out after Diana’s persistant pedal pumping… Absolutely EPIC!!! I would LOVE to see lots more of this in future clips from Diana in the Volvo…

    Diana’s barefeet look amazing on the pedals as she drives… Indeed her black French polish looks quite eyecatching. I love watching her trying to find the clutch biting point with her left foot as she applies the gas with her right foot and revs the engine before letting the clutch up. Her incorrect gear selection (fourth gear instead of second) on a number of occasions adds a little spice and excitement to the clip- we hear the engine laboring when it shudders and clunks in too high a gear for the speed.. Will the car stall out again??? Gee… I hope so!!!

    Well spotted Praxis- you are correct when you commented about the red warning light on the dashboard as Diana drives… That particular warning light is indeed lit whilst the handbrake is not released or fully released. (I know that for sure because I have the workshop manual for the Volvo 140 series and I ‘ve checked it!). Perhaps the handbrake lever has not been pushed all the way to the floor?

    I must comment on the tattoo of the gun on Diana’s left thigh… The gun has a script wrapped loosely around the barrel. I can’t read all of the script because some of it is hidden at the top, but I believe some of the script reads “the gun which blew me away”.

    Diana has certainly left a lasting impression on us with her debut cranking/ driving clip in the Volvo… I’m thrilled with it!


  3. We are very excited to have Diana here with us at PTP. She did a wonderful job starting and driving the ‘ol stubborn Volvo, her feet do look sexy! This girl is amazing, look forward to seeing her battle the PTP fleet! A very warm hearted welcome to our newest model, Diana!!

    BTW Road Runner, if memory serves me right , I believe Diana’s tattoo says: You’ve got the gun, now blow me away..

  4. Hi Cassandra,

    It’s really great to hear from you!
    Thanks so much for your comments and for explaining the text on Diana’s tattoo… WOW… Stylish… Classic!!!
    I note that Diana’s tattoo is actually on her right thigh – not her left one! She has some really interesting earrings too don’t you think? I really like the long silver drop style ones… very chic looking!
    This really is such a great cranking and driving video… I love watching Diana drive in her barefeet.
    Incidentally Cassandra, I’d be delighted if you could shoot another Custom Request for me in the Volvo please?
    I guess this is the best time of year for filming? I’ll be in touch. Thanks!


  5. Thanks Road Runner! I love to give feedback or comments about the videos! I think Diana’s earrings are very sleek and sexy! And yes Diana did an excellent job in her first video, she knows her way around the cars and looks very sexy in them! The Volvo is MY FAVORITE car, would love to shoot another custom for you RR! I will film Any time of the year, day or night, barefoot or whatever you prefer! These cars are so much fun to battle with 😉
    ~ Cassandra

  6. When first seeing a preview of this particular vid on YT based on the camera angle, I mistakenly thought that Diana bore somewhat of a facial resemblance to the actress Julia Stiles. But looking at her PTP promo photo here there is less of a resemblance than I originally thought. Diana however DOES resemble a young lady, (now about 12/13 years older than Diana based on her bio) that I knew years ago.

    I love Diana’s pedal pumping technique as she had a difficult time getting the Volvo started through at least a dozen cranking attempts. Diana is more of a heel/toe pumper, less aggressive than others who tend to pound the gas pedal relentlessly. Diana’s pumping style though results in a very sexy and gentle bobbing up and down effect with her right leg thigh down to her knee. Even after Diana did initially get the Volvo started it still stalled out several times on her, leading to more cranking attempts and pedal pumping on her part as on a few occasions the car did not immediately start up. Even with the freckles dotting her body and seen on her legs, Diana had a pair of long, slender and sexy pair of legs.

    I can only assume, based on the very sexy tattoo on Diana’s right thigh that she was given, (or named on her own) the nickname “Dirty Diana” based on the old Clint Eastwood “Dirty Harry” cop character that he appeared in a handful of great movies throughout the 1970’s. Eastwood’s” Dirty Harry” favored the then “most powerful handgun in the world” – a very intimidating looking Glock. Can’t tell what type of gun is represented on Diana’s thigh tattoo but it looked awfully big; similar to Eastwood’s Harry Callahan. Guess Diana is really telling everyone that while she might appear to be a sweet, gorgeous looking young woman; still with the gun tattoo so visible on that right thigh she is also saying “honey, you might not want to think about messing with me”!

    As was noted in previous comments I LOVED Diana’s driving in her sexy bare feet operating the 3 pedals. She was not shy about pushing down on that gas pedal with her right foot while taking the viewers out for a drive, Diana had that old Volvo moving at certain points.

    Every so often Diana looked into the camera and gave this seductive smile almost telling the viewer “I just know that you want to be sitting so close next to me in the front passenger seat, don’t you”?

    I also was hoping that Diana would do one thing, and I was rewarded just past the halfway point in the vid. Whether intentionally done on Diana’s part or not, (and to make sure that you noticed her gun tattoo) as the Volvo was in top gear on the road Diana took her right hand off of the steering wheel and placed it on her right thigh, gently rubbing it up and down a part of her leg near the tattoo. She left her hand on her thigh for awhile and as the camera briefly swung up to her face Diana had this seductive look on her face; as if saying “I just know that you really want to stroke my right thigh up near my tattoo with the fingers of your hand, now don’t you? Hey, if you were sitting next to me right now I might even let you”!

    I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the corset that Diana was wearing, along with the cut-off jean shorts added to the overall level of sexiness in the vid. Again, she is a very attractive woman!

    Shish, I am hoping as an avid fan of women who drive a vehicle barefoot that, (with Diana being on the list of active models) you would be willing to film her in a similar type vid in the VW Bug. (Diana has already filmed a vid driving the VW Bus, though with shoes on her feet). It could start out with Diana, just as she did in this vid with the Volvo, struggling to get the old Bug started for the first several minutes. Her pumping style barefoot heel/toe technique on the Bug’s floor-mounted gas pedal and that gentle bobbing motion of her right leg would be arousing to watch. Before she actually got it started, Diana might accidentally flood out the Bug’s engine initially before eventually being able to successfully get the thing running. The Bug might even stall out a few times (depending on how badly she flooded out the carburetor), necessitating Diana to rev the engine barefoot doing gentle, slow and repeated pumps of the gas pedal letting the idle slowly set. Then, Diana could take us out for a long ride as we again watch her deftly coordinate her feet on the pedals, shifting to different gears when needed. Of course with the car being much smaller than the Volvo and the passenger/driver seats being in such close proximity naturally we would get an even closer look at that sexy tattoo adorning Diana’s right thigh – not that any PTP members would complain you understand.

    Congratulations Diana and Shish for filming such an outstanding cranking/driving vid in the Volvo. Diana you drove the manual shift quite expertly.

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