Shish Wants Dirty Diana to Stick It In Right!

April 28th, 2013

Yeah, she’s  a little rusty on how to properly insert it….takes a bit of coaxing.  😉

One thought on “Shish Wants Dirty Diana to Stick It In Right!”

  1. One can just imagine closing his, (or her) eyes, losing one of a human being’s senses yet still hearing the sexy and highly provacative dialogue that takes place in this outtake! With one’s eyes closed you would “naturally” imagine two things:

    1). The “thing that is about to be inserted.

    2). The “thing” being inserted is probably going into a very specific “place”.

    With one being unable to contain his, (or her) self the eyes pop open, to much disappointment. Here one thought the conversation had nothing to do with inserting a key into a car’s ignition switch in order to start it up, (he-he)!

    This little conversation between Shish and Dirty Diana is absolutely priceless! Thank you for adding this vid. Can one assume that the actual vid will soon be uploaded for member viewing?

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