Dirty Diana Revving the Coronet – #335

Dirty Diana Revving the Coronet – #335

August 3rd, 2013

Some sweet sweet revving by Dirty Diana in the Coronet.  She’s wearing her drop dead sexy red dress paired with some patent stiletto peep toe shoes.  She will bring you to your knees with the looks she gives the camera throughout this clip.

3 thoughts on “Dirty Diana Revving the Coronet – #335”

  1. Dirty Diana Revving The Coronet / Red Open-Toed Stiletto Pumps 1080i WMV HD / Custom#335

    Dirty Diana is doing a custom revving video in the Coronet she’s wearing a red sleeveless dress, red open-toed stiletto pumps, red toenail polish. As the video begins she looks into the camera giving you a flirtatious look, she then tries to get the Coronet to start it doesn’t start on the first try.

    On the second try Diana has too do a little bit of cranking and pumping to get the engine to start, the battery is a little weak the engine starts right up.

    As Diana is revving the engine good and loud. Shish is getting great video he’s getting both upper body and some really good closeup shots of Diana’s sexy right foot as she presses down on the gas pedal to get the Coronet’s engine to roar when she gets the rpms up, as Shish pans the camera from her head down to her thighs . Diana rubs her right thigh as she’s revving the engine.

    Diana’s feet look really sexy in those red open-toed stiletto pumps, as Diana is pressing down on the gas pedal to make the engine roar she arches her foot as she revs the engine.

    It’s hot inside he Coronet. Diana says”it’s hot” As she waves her right hand in front of her face, she opens the door to get out of the Coronet.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Diana has just gotten out of the Coronet, the engine is still running. The End.

    Diana you did a great custom revving video, who ever order this custom I hope you liked it a I sure did. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. I was reminded of the Alicia Keys hit song of a few years ago while watching Dirty Diana in this vid – “This Girl’s on Fire”. Diana with your flirtatious looks into the camera, the sexy short dress you were wearing revealing a whole lot of shapely legs, those stiletto pumps, (toenails polished in a sexy red color) giving the gas pedal a workout and you’re rubbing your thigh with the fingers of your hand; it was as if you were asking the viewer “Do you think that you can handle watching me show this car who’s boss?” For those with a weak heart, this vid might be off-limits! This vid moves right up to one of the 2 or 3 best revving vids ever filmed at this site. I agree with Praxis and wish to take it a step further; whoever ordered this custom vid without question got his money’s worth IMO!

    Great job Diana! In that sexy outfit and the high level of teasing that you performed throughout this vid you can rev any car that you want!!!

  3. Hey Diana!

    You are a real beauty, flirty woman in this clip…and these amazing red heels are very nice! Sish, please make a same theme clip in vintage style with those vintage outfits what I sent, please!!!!
    Vitage elegancy combination with vitage car’s punishment!!!! I t can looks like a time-travelling!

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