She’s jamming out to some Bon Jovi as she’s cruising along in the Jeep. Her struggles in the first clip are finally over and she’s got the wind in her hair, her booty shorts on and her favorite cowgirl boots are pressing the pedals in her kickass Jeep…life is good!
She approaches a 4-way stop, the last turn before her destination and the Jeep stalls….except she doesn’t know right away, the music is blaring and she can’t tell for sure if it’s dead or not. She’s got that look on her face, you know, that look where you know what happened but you don’t want to believe it? She turns the music down and yup, Jeep is dead. She pumps the shit out of the gas pedal and tries starting it again…nope. She pumps the shit out of the gas pedal again, turns it over…still won’t start. Traffic is starting to come from all directions and she’s telling people to, ‘GO!’ because she’s broke down. As if they can’t see her head bobbing up and down from pumping the gas pedal hard. Ugh, this piece of shit!!