Ellie Mae & Queen Red Pump Up the Volvo

Ellie Mae & Queen Red Pump Up the Volvo

November 17th, 2013


Turning a car around sounds like a simple task.  But when it’s the old Volvo with a choke and 2 sexy girls in stiletto pumps who are rusty driving a manual, it becomes much more involved! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Ellie Mae & Queen Red Pump Up the Volvo”

  1. Some more great interactive chat here between EllieMae and Queen Red… These two lovely ladies make the PERFECT chemistry for the ULTIMATE damsel in distress driving and stalling scenario! I am delighted to see them driving my favorite car in the ‘PTP’ fleet here and thrilled to see that the old Volvo is in a stubborn mood too- proving to be a REAL challenge for them to drive!!! The lighting is perfect – the footage appears to have been filmed on a sunny summer day and the camera angle view captured from the rear passenger seat is IDEAL since it gives us (the viewers) the feeling that we are the rear passenger (rendered utterly speechless!) as we watch EllieMae and Queen Red drive. This particular camera angle is also especially good since it allows us to see their facial expressions as well as lots of steering wheel turning (I LOVE the Volvo’s huge steering wheel!) and their footwork on the pedals too… THIS is the video I have been just waiting to see for a long LONG while!!! It’s FANTASTIC…

    Thank you ShisH, Scarlet, EllieMae & Queen Red for filming this masterpiece for us- I’m THRILLED!!!

    RoadRunner x

  2. I must add that both ladies look GORGEOUS… Queen Red’s hair really caught my attention…WOW… AMAZING!!!
    I hope “The Queen” will be available for a custom video shoot soon – I’ve just got to order a custom featuring her!!! 😉

    RoadRunner x

  3. I second everything that Road Runner stated in his two comments! The funniest part of the vid occurred at several points when first Ellie Mae and then Queen Red, both afraid of the car rolling back and hitting something, resorted to crossing the lower half of their legs and pumping the gas pedal with their left foot while keeping their right foot on the brake pedal. I’ve never seen that before. I especially liked Ellie Mae’s explanation that she was trying to “multi-task” while trying to get the Volvo restarted.

    Having learned how to drive a manual transmission car myself back in 1980, (and looking back it was quite messy on my first occasion with stall outs all over the place) each young lady kept lifting up off of the clutch too fast before they were able to get the car moving either forward or backward; thus the repeated engine stall outs. It takes a bit of practice, ladies but keep at it you’ll both master it! It also might have been easier if they weren’t trying to drive with high-heeled shoes on, (Queen Red in open-toed heels while Ellie Maie had white high-heeled pumps on). But then again, they would NOT have looked nearly as sexy otherwise – say if they had been wearing sneakers.

    Great job to both Ellie Mae and Queen Red who, I might also add seem to work well together in joint vids. Also great job, ShisH for the camerawork as mentioned by Road Runner the angle filmed from the backseat did give the viewer the impression that he was a passenger in the car with these two gorgeous young ladies!

  4. Ellie-Mae & Queen-Red Trying To Move The Volvo / Daisy Duke Outfits / 720P MP4 HD

    Queen-Red is in the drivers seat trying to start the Volvo Ellie-Mae is siting besides her, Queen-Red is wearing a red sequin sleeveless top, denim daisy duke shorts, pink open-toed stiletto pumps. Ellie-Mae is wearing a green sleeveless top. Daisy Duke denim shorts, white patent leather stiletto pumps, it takes Queen-Red a little over a minute to get the Volvo to start after getting the engine started she leaves the choke out she has a little bit of trouble getting the gearshift in reverse, she gets it in reverse she tries backing up since both Queen-Red and Ellie-Mae are a little bit rusty on driving a stick-shift, they apparently don’t know how to use a choke or when not to use it.

    That’s all these ladies want to do is move the Volvo, Queen-Red is able to get the Volvo to move ever so slowly and with the choke out most of the time. I’m surprised that she was able to get it to move at all. Shish is in the back seat getting a whole body shots from the backseat, after getting the Volvo to move some both ladies change places. Ellie-Mae gets in the drivers seat wile Queen-Red gives directions to Ellie-Mae as she’s backing up, both ladies talk through the video, you’ll have to see how Ellie-Mae tries pumping the gas pedal and try keeping the Volvo from moving she has her right foot on the brake pedal she crosses her left leg over her right and she pumps the gas pedal with her left foot.

    I’ve never seen a model do that before, after a few minutes both ladies switch places again Queen-Red gets back in the drivers seat she gives it another try, one thing is for sure the Volvo is not Ellie-Mae’s favorite car, because it would keep stalling on her.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops upon the screen Queen-Red gets the Volvo started backup she’s going to try to move the Volvo again, Ellie-Mae is outside giving her directions. The End.

    Queen-Red you and Ellie-Mae did a great video you did something I don’t think any model ever did you got the Volvo to move with the choke at at least most of the time.

    Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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