Let’s end July on a pretty sweet note with a clip from two of the cutest country girls on any pedal pumping site, Ellie Mae & Queen red!  These two country girls don’t need a man’s help, they can handle working on the old Camaro and look a helluva lot better while doing it!  Queen Red is met with a dead battery in the old ’77 Z/28.  She calls up Ellie Mae to come assist and together, the girls replace the battery, put some gas in the tank and pump the old 350 engine to life!  They make a quick run down the street to the gas station to top it off and enjoy the hot summer afternoon cruise in the old hot rod! 🙂

This video covers a TON of requests, so I hope you folks are taking notice.  I’ve been reading them emails and comments and putting them to use.  In this clip, there are:  daisy dukes, more skin, girls changing batteries, out-of-gas/refueling,  hood-up/engine shots of the fan spinning and much more!