Ellie Mae & Queen Red in ‘Southern Girls’ Vol. 1

Ellie Mae & Queen Red in ‘Southern Girls’ Vol. 1

July 31st, 2013


Let’s end July on a pretty sweet note with a clip from two of the cutest country girls on any pedal pumping site, Ellie Mae & Queen red!  These two country girls don’t need a man’s help, they can handle working on the old Camaro and look a helluva lot better while doing it!  Queen Red is met with a dead battery in the old ’77 Z/28.  She calls up Ellie Mae to come assist and together, the girls replace the battery, put some gas in the tank and pump the old 350 engine to life!  They make a quick run down the street to the gas station to top it off and enjoy the hot summer afternoon cruise in the old hot rod! 🙂

This video covers a TON of requests, so I hope you folks are taking notice.  I’ve been reading them emails and comments and putting them to use.  In this clip, there are:  daisy dukes, more skin, girls changing batteries, out-of-gas/refueling,  hood-up/engine shots of the fan spinning and much more! 

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  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing Ellie Mae cranking and driving the Volvo in a pink tank top, adidas gym shorts, and brown wedge flip flops.

  2. Ellie-Mae & Queen Red Crank & Drive The Z28 / Stiletto Pumps / Vol1

    Queen Red is going for a drive in her classic red 1977 Camaro Z28, she gets in she turns the ignition key she hears the clicking sound of the solenoid switch the battery is dead. Queen-Red takes out her cellphone and calls her friend Ellie-Mae to come over and help her get the Z28 to start.

    Both ladies are wearing Daisy Duke outfits. Queen-Red is wearing a long sleeve top/w a pink bra underneath, denim shorts, pink stiletto pumps. it takes Ellie-Mae a few minutes to get over too Queen-Red’s house, when she comes over she’s prepared she’s carrying a gas can in one hand and a battery in another hand.

    Ellie-Mae is wearing a light blue sleeveless top, denim shorts, brown stiletto pumps. Ellie-Mae asks Queen-Red to turn the ignition key she wants to see if the battery is dead, now that Ellie knows the battery is dead she takes the dead one out and replaces it with a new battery.

    Shish is getting a lot whole body video as the ladies replace the battery and put gas in the Camaro. Queen-Red hands the ignition keys to Ellie-Mae she gets in and turns the key spins the starter a little bit to see if the Camaro needs gas. Ellie-Mae walks over to the gas can she carries it to the rear of the car. Ellie-Mae gets a funnel from the backseat. Queen-Red pours gas into the tank.

    Ellie-Mae gets in the Z28 she tries to get the engine to start, she pumps the gas pedal a little to much the engine backfires on her nearly giving her a heart attack, it takes Ellie-Mae almost two minutes to get the engine to start, she gets the engine to start she warms it up for close to a minute. Queen-Red closes the hood, she gets in the front passenger seat. Shish is getting whole body video the whole time.

    Ellie-Mae puts the gearshift in drive the engine dies on her this startles her a little bit, she puts the gearshift in park she’s cranking and pumping the Z28’s gas pedal, it takes her close to two minutes to get the engine started, now that Ellie-Mae has the Camaro running she puts the gearshift in drive she and Queen-Red are on there way to a neighborhood service station to fill the Camaro up with gas.

    Ellie-Mae and Queen-Red talk through out this video. Shish is in the back seat getting whole body video as there driving into town to fill the tank up with gas. Shish also gets some really great footwell shots through out this video. Elli-Mae finds a service station Ellie-Mae fills the tank up with gas they head back to the house and park the Camaro in front of a shed.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Ellie-Mae has parked the Z28 in front of the shed, she shuts the engine off. The End.

    Ellie-Mae you and Queen-Red did a great crank and drive video in the Z28, the both of you have sexy feet in those stiletto pumps. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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