Ginger Frye Boots Trying to Start the Cadillac
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Ginger Frye Boots Trying to Start the Cadillac

July 9th, 2021

She’s got her Frye harness boots on under her jeans and wants to give the old Caddy a whippy-whirl around the block. Except that old land barge won’t start. She’s had old cars growing up, so she knows it’s a process to get them started if they’ve been sitting a while. Regardless, the Caddy says ‘Nope!’ and she ends up draining the battery trying.

Ok, time to call in backup — the old Jeep. She hops in it to fire it up so she can jump off the Caddy. But she’s also getting a big fat ‘Nope!’ from the Jeep as well. She’s trying not to feel like she’s cursed and has this big, slightly-embarrassed smile on her face. Sure, one car can not start but two? Come on!

She gives up on the Jeep and tries her luck with the old Coronet (RIP) and hey, one cooperates!! She gets the jumper cables hooked up to the Cadillac, let’s it charge a bit and gets back in to see if the ole Coupe Deville will fire up this time.

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  1. Ginger Mixed Multiple ( Can’t Get The Cadillac To Start Or The Jeep – The Coronet Want’s Play Ball) Brown Leather Square Toe Frye Harness Boots / 1080I MP4 HD

    It’s a nice day to go for a drive in the Cadillac Ginger want’s to take it out for a spin. The Cadillac has other ideas, she can’t get it to start. Ginger winds up killing the battery, she walks over to the jeep she tries to get it to startup so she can jump start the Cadillac, the jeep wont start either Ginger walks over to the Coronet, it takes her a couple of times to get the engine to start up. The hood is already up on the Coronet as well as the Cadillac.

    Shish is shooting a lot of mixed video whole, upper and footwell video as well as wide angle video as Ginger walks from one car to another, he also shoots some footwell video through the steering wheel of the jeep as she works the gas pedal trying to get the jeep to startup, that goes no where really fast. Ginger walks over to the Coronet after getting the engine started, she hooks up the jumper cables to the Cadillac and the Coronet, she give the Cadillac another go at it, the engine doesn’t even try to catch.

    Ginger is wearing orange long sleeve button down shirt w/ white & blue stripes, denim jeans, brown leather square toe Frye harness boots. Ginger tries for about a minute to see if the Cadillac will start it didn’t , she walks back over to the Coronet she shuts the engine off. Shish asks her to start it backup she revs the Coronet’s engine, she walks back over to the Cadillac and gives it another try. The battery didn’t that much juice in it the battery dies on her again, when she turns the ignition key the starter solenoid switch clicks away.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Ginger is still trying to get the Cadillac to start. The End. Ginger you did a great mixed multiple video, although the original plan was to go for a little spin in the Cadillac, you did a great mixed multiple video. Good work all!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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