Heidi had her shot at getting the old Camaro to start, so now it’s Jane’s turn. Jane, wearing her sexy office outfit with black leather thigh high boots, gets in to see if she can get it started. She tries for a while, begging the car to start but no luck. They decide to just take Jane’s car.

They get into the old Monte Carlo, thinking they’ll have better luck getting it started and find out quickly that nope, looks like Jane’s car doesn’t want to start either. Jane ends up draining the battery down to where the starter just ‘clicks’. The girls decide on their own that it’s time for a sick day today. Of course, they’ll have to run it by their boss first — video fades out.

Video fades back in with both girls looking glum because the boss didn’t go for their self-approved sick day. So they’ve let the car sit a while and drew some wonderful window ‘fog art’ to pass the time. Jane gets situated to start the car and hope that it’ll start so she doesn’t get in trouble. She turns the key and pumps the gas pedal fast as the engine is cranking over again and sure enough, her baby fires up!
Oh no, this means we have to go to work now….