She ran out of gas and the video picks up with her walking back to the car with a small gas can. She empties the can into the tank, gets in and pumps the gas a handful of times before spinning the engine over. She pumps the gas a lot before turning the key to try and get that fuel from the tank to the carb. She tries for a bit before deciding to send out a text for help. The only problem is her phone died and she didn’t bring her charger…crap! She kicks her loafers off and rubs her pantyhose-clad feet together before cranking some more. She gets the car to sputter and run but she has to two-foot it to keep it from dying, which is a delicate balance that she doesn’t get right the first time. The car starts again and it sounds better. She begs for it to, “Please don’t die. Please don’t die!” and tries to make it to a gas station.
She’s wearing red loafers, pantyhose, dark jeans that are cuffed a couple of times and a white button down shirt.