Jane Domino Flooded Bug Cranking Halter Top Barefoot

Jane Domino Flooded Bug Cranking Halter Top Barefoot

May 8th, 2020

Just a girl battling her old VW to start. Tight jeans, beige halter top and bare feet with red toenail polish. Camera is on passenger side for most of the video getting her full-body before being mounted to the front windshield to get some thigh, crotch and boob bouncing shots as she pumps the gas.
Some stroking of the gas pedal, slow pumping, holding to the floor, sputtering, begging, full leg pumping and more!

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  1. Jane Domino Cranking The Super-Beetle In Front Of The Garage ( Engine Comes Close To Catching- Doing A Little Bouncing & Jiggle) Barefoot / 1080I MP4 HD

    It’s a nice day to do a little crank and tease in the bug it’s parked in front of the garage as Jane gets in, she’s wearing a beige halter top, faded denim jeans, two tone white & black slip-on’s, barefoot. Jane gets in takes her slip-on’s off her feet right away. Shish has two cameras set up one is mounted on the passenger door shooting whole body video from both the top of her head and slightly below the neck down to her sexy size 6.5 feet, as her left foot works the clutch and her right foot works the gas pedal really good.

    Jane comes close to getting the engine started quite a few times the engine tries to catch as she bounces in the drivers seat, doing some jiggling as she cranks and pumps the bugs gas pedal, the other camera is mounted under the rear view mirror, that camera gets a really good tight closeup of Jane’s beige halter top as she does her bounce and jiggle, after trying to get the bug to start for a little over six minutes it looks like Jane isn’t going to get the bug to start.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Jane is still doing her bounce and jiggle trying to get the bug to start, the engine is still trying catch. The End. Jane you did a great crank and tease in the bug, your feet look sexy both in two tone white & black slip-on’s and barefoot. Shish your camera work great. Good Work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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