Jane Domino Cranks the Mustang Black & White Sneakers

Jane Domino Cranks the Mustang Black & White Sneakers

April 22nd, 2019

She’s ready to go workout but her little ole Mustang won’t crank. She also finds out, as the battery gets weak, that the battery wasn’t changed out like it was supposed to be. She drains the battery in the car and has to swap the battery herself. She gets back in the car to try it again, hoping the fresh battery will change her luck but nope…not happening.

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  1. Jane Domino Cranking Her Mustang( Can’t Go For Her Workout- Battery Wasn’t Switched Out ) Black Sneakers W/ White Laces / 1080I MP4 HD

    It’s a nice day to go out for her workout Jane has her hair in a ponytail as she gets in her classic red 1983 Mustang convertible now that’s she has to do is get it to start, good luck on that. Jane is wearing a black v-neck pullover short sleeve shirt, Daisy Duke cutoff shorts, black sneakers w/ white laces. Jane is shooting this video herself there’s a camera mounted somewhere in the back shooting whole body video you can see Jane’s sexy size 6 right foot work the gas pedal as she struggles to get her Mustang to start.

    The battery doesn’t have that good of a charge the starter isn’t spinning as it should. Jane pleads with the Mustang to start that does no good. Jane kills the battery after close to a minute trying to get the Mustang to start this doesn’t make Jane happy at all, now she’s going to have to get out pop the hood and change the battery out herself. The camera fades when it comes back on. Jane is talking to herself that the battery is changed, she has her handheld camcorder as she is shooting video of the engine compartment with the hood up, she gets in she going to give it another try.

    Jane is cranking and pumping the Mustang’s gas pedal showing her right foot doing a mixture of pumping and holding it down all the way now and then. The engine comes close a couple of times acting like it wants to start, it still wont turnover. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Jane gives up on getting the Mustang started, she calls it a day. The End. Jane you did a great cranking video in the Mustang, your feet look sexy in white ankle socks an back sneakers w/ white laces, you also did a great job shooting this video your self. Great video. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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