Jane Domino Evening Cranking in 80’s Leather Jacket & Boots

Jane Domino Evening Cranking in 80’s Leather Jacket & Boots

January 13th, 2020

Let’s see if we can get this Monte Carlo started.” Jane says as she’s carefully walking on the gravel driveway to the car. It’s getting dark, she’s dressed in all black leather and PVC and you know a little bit of teasing is coming.

Are you enjoying this? Watching me trying to get my car started in this leather jacket you got me?

After a while of play-time, it’s time to really go and when she tries to get the car fired up for real, it won’t start. While she’s not teasing and playing with you directly, it’s just as fun and sexy to watch her struggle after flooding the car out. She begs, bounces and pumps but it won’t start. Time for a taxi…

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  1. Jane Domino Cranking The Monte-Carlo( Does A Little Crank And Tease For You-Can’t Get The Car To Start For Real) Black Leather & Black Leather OTK Stiletto Boots / 1080I MP4 HD

    It’s getting dark outside Jane wants to go out for drinks she’s going to drive her rust bucket a 1986 Chevy Monte-Carlo that is if she can get it to start. As Jane is walking down where the Monte-Carlo is parked on the gravel driveway, she’s wearing a black leather 1980’s leather jacket, white v-neck pullover shirt shiny black leather pants, black leather OTK stiletto boots.

    Jane gets in the drivers seat you her boyfriend get in the front passenger seat before driving over to the bar where they will be having drinks. Jane decides she want’s to do a little crank and tease for you in the Monte-Carlo, that wasn’t a good idea because the Monte-Carlo can be really temperamental when she tries to get it to start.

    Shish is shooting a mixture of whole body video as she walks down to the Monte-Carlo and upper and footwell video of Jane’s sexy size 6.5 right foot as she gives the gas pedal a really good pumping,you get a little bit excited seeing Jane in her black leather outfit.

    Jane tries to get the Monte-Carlo to start for real she smells gas in the air she knows she flooded the carburetor, she can’t understand why she can’t get the Monte-Carlo to start, she tries for another four or so minutes, she almost gets the engine started a couple of times, she gets a couple of revs in before the engine died on her.

    The engine tries to catch about two or three times before Jane gives up she’s frustrated that she can’t get the dam thing to start, since she was going to be drinking bourbon it’s better that she should not be driving at all. Jane stops cranking the Monte-Carlo’s engine she gets out of the car.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Jane opens the drivers door she gets out and walks back into the house. The End. Jane you did a great cranking video in the Monte-Carlo your feet look sexy in those black leather OTK stiletto boots. Shish your camera work great. Good Work all!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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