Jane Domino Shiny Black Loafers Cranking the Jeep & Kills the Battery
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Jane Domino Shiny Black Loafers Cranking the Jeep & Kills the Battery

June 9th, 2022

When the engine is cranking over and sputtering, there’s a good chance that the car will start if you can pump it just right. But once that battery is dead, it’s game over.

Jane is teetering on the edge of getting the Jeep started when the battery just finally says, “Dueces, bitches!!” and gives out.

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  1. Jane Domino Cranking The Jeep ( Lite Rain Humid And Damp – Jane Can’t Keep The Engine Running She Kills The Battery) Shiny Black Patent Leather Penny Loafers / 1080I MP4 HD

    It’s cool outside Jane had driven the Cadillac down the street and drove the jeep back to the old HQ, she still has on her gray fleece, faded denim jeans, shiny black patent leather penny loafers. The jeep is still backed up to the garage, they were probably getting ready to shoot some videos in the jeep, the jeep had other ideas.

    Jane tries to get the jeep started it takes some cranking and pumping she manages to get the engine started, the problem is with the lite rain outside it’s damp and wet making it difficult for Jane to get the engine started and keep it running, this really frustrates Jane she doesn’t want to get out and change out the battery witch doesn’t seem to be in good shape.

    Shish is shooting upper and some really great close ups of Jane’s sexy size 7 feet in her shiny black patent leather penny loafers, after three minutes trying to get the jeep started she winds up killing the battery, maybe it will stop raining long enough so Jane can get out switch out to a fresh battery and not get her hair wet.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen The battery is dead Jane is somewhat pissed at the jeep, it looks like she’s going to get out and switch out the battery. The End. Jane you did a great cranking video in the jeep, although that wasn’t the original plan your feet look sexy in those black shiny patent leather penny loafers. Shish your camera work great. Good Work all!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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