Jane has been babysitting you for a while and you’ve developed a crush on her. She’s having car trouble with her little Renault and you feel yourself getting excited at watching her beg the car to start while she’s pumping the gas pedal in her white Ked sneakers. You’re in the back seat watching until she kills the battery, at which point you have to get out and help. Your mom has lots of car trouble, so you’re not new to changing batteries or jumping off cars.
You’ve finished with the battery change and peek at Jane from behind the raised trunk lid. Her skin tight jeans hug her butt, thighs and calves so nicely! She sees you and asks if you’re done, which you tell her ‘Yes.’ She gets back in the car and tries starting it again while you watch from the open door.

The car still isn’t starting and Jane catches you watching her feet pump the gas pedal and how you’re getting excited at all of this. She’s come across stuff like this on the internet and realizes what is happening. Knowing that your mom has car trouble, she’s afraid you might get in trouble so she wants to make a deal with you.