Jane Domino Sexy BabySitter in Keds, “Let’s Make a Deal,” 1 of 2

Jane Domino Sexy BabySitter in Keds, “Let’s Make a Deal,” 1 of 2

January 7th, 2019

Jane has been babysitting you for a while and you’ve developed a crush on her. She’s having car trouble with her little Renault and you feel yourself getting excited at watching her beg the car to start while she’s pumping the gas pedal in her white Ked sneakers. You’re in the back seat watching until she kills the battery, at which point you have to get out and help. Your mom has lots of car trouble, so you’re not new to changing batteries or jumping off cars.
You’ve finished with the battery change and peek at Jane from behind the raised trunk lid. Her skin tight jeans hug her butt, thighs and calves so nicely! She sees you and asks if you’re done, which you tell her ‘Yes.’ She gets back in the car and tries starting it again while you watch from the open door.

The car still isn’t starting and Jane catches you watching her feet pump the gas pedal and how you’re getting excited at all of this. She’s come across stuff like this on the internet and realizes what is happening. Knowing that your mom has car trouble, she’s afraid you might get in trouble so she wants to make a deal with you.

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  1. Jane Domino Cranking The Renault GTA( Can’t Get It to Start, She’s Babysitting A Little Boy) White Kids Lace-Up Sneakers / 1080I MP4 HD / Clip 1 Of 2

    Jane is babysitting her charge a small boy she’s going to run some errands she’s going to drive a 1987 Renault two door sports car convertible, that is if she can get it to start. Jane walks out the Renault it belongs to the boys mother, she always has trouble getting it to start there’s spare battery in the trunk, that’s going to come in handy. Jane walks out to the Renault she opens the drivers door she tells the boy to get in the backseat.

    Now that Jane is in the car she tries to get it to start the engine doesn’t even try to catch or sputter it just wont start, what Jane doesn’t know is her little charge sitting in the backseat gets excited watching her right foot pump the gas pedal. Jane is wearing a gray tank top, tight faded denim cuffed jeans, white Keds lace-up sneakers. Jane cranks and pumps the gas pedal for close to three minutes the battery gets weak really fast and dies, she gets frustrated pleading with the Renault to start, it does no good.

    Because the boys mother has so much trouble getting the Renault to start, he has experience either changing batteries or jump-starting the Renault or hooking up a battery charger. Shish is shooting a mixture of whole body video as Jane walks out to the Renault it’s parked on the driveway, and upper and footwell video from the backseat, he also shoots whole body video from the drives side when she gets out waiting on the little boy to change out the spare battery in the trunk. Shish also shoots whole body, upper and footwell video from the drivers door, it’s open all the way.

    The camera fades when it comes back on Jane is standing next to the drivers door she’s stretching a little bit while the boy she’s babysitting is pretending to look around the truck for something, he takes a peak at Jane in her tight faded denim cuffed jeans hugging her nicely tuned rear end now and then, she asks him if he has hooked the battery up, he says” yes” Jane gets in the Renault she tries to get the Renault to start, the engine has a false start.

    Jane looks over at the little boy standing next to her she notices he gets a little bit excited watching her sexy size 6 right foot pump the gas pedal, she asks him if he likes women feet, she doesn’t want to say anything to the boys mother, she’s strict with him. Jane doesn’t want to get him into any trouble with her, the second battery is beginning to get weak. As clip one is coming to an end. Jane is still trying to get the Renault to start.

    What will clip two bring us in this two part series. Will Jane make a deal with her little charge she’s babysitting? If so what type of deal will she make? We will have to wait and find out in clip two to see what type of deal she would like to make with him. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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