This is the part where Jane tells you about the deal she’ll make with you. If you keep your ‘urges’ under control and not let your mom find out, Jane will be your ‘Pedal Pumping Superstar’ whenever she has to come babysit you. But you can’t let your mom find out or Jane will lose this job and your mom might put you in therapy or something. You agree to the terms and with that, Jane beckons you to come a little closer as she tries getting the old Renault to start up. You’re standing right next to her thighs while her white Keds pump the gas pedal and hold the clutch pedal down. She’s cranking and cranking and cranking the car but it just won’t start….oh darn, now she’s killed the battery!
You’ve changed the battery and look down the side of the car to see Jane sitting with both feet on the ground and pumping her right foot up and down. She sees you looking at her, smiles and asks if the battery is changed. Once again, she sexily beckons you to her so you can get an up close view of her trying to start the car. After many unsuccessful attempts, she tells you to get in while she continues cranking the car. You try not to make it obvious that you’re staring at her chest in that sexy halter top but it’s hard to resist for a hormonal young man!