She’s getting out of the Volvo to get in the Cadillac to take it out. It starts up surprisingly easy, which is rare since it can be really stubborn. She buckles up and eases out of the yard. It’s a pretty day out, not too cold but she still has to turn the heat on as she eases on the throttle. Can’t be too hard just yet because it’s not warmed up. She gets to the stop sign, waits for traffic to clear and when her boot presses down on the floor-mounted gas pedal the engine bucks and stalls.
Oh, come on…not right here at the stop sign. Not so hot…” she says as she tries getting the engine to start again. It’s sputtering and she keeps pumping it but it never clears out. She pumps slower but same thing…sputters, chugs and dies.
Shit, come on! Come on baby, come on…” she begs the car to start. Fortunately no one has come up behind her.
She turns the heat off, maybe that will help.
What the–…come on!!
She struggles for a while until it finally clears out enough to get it to rev up some and with that, she carefully pumps the gas pedal to keep it from dying but also to not have it stall out again.
Once it sounds good, she can pull out on the main road and hit it, “We got you going now, you’re good.” she says as her boot pushes the pedal to the floor.