This first clip of the 4-part series shows Jane having some trouble getting this engine fired up. The Caddy needs some more miles put on the new engine before models can really start laying into it, so what better way than to film them driving around in hot outfits? She struggles for a few minutes to get the beast started. A little begging goes a long way, apparently, as it finally fires up. She gives it some mild revs to get it cleared out and warmed up a bit for the drive ahead. That romper is super short and reveals those legs that are second to none! The white Frye cowgirl boots show up nicely against the dark red interior. She backs up the big land barge and hits the road. While she isn’t allowed to drive it hard just yet, she can get on it a bit from time to time to make the drive interesting. She plays around with the gas pedal to keep this series exciting…as if those tanned legs wrapped in boots weren’t enough to keep your attention? lol