We climb into the 1980 Cadillac Coupe Deville with her behind the wheel, obviously, to make a short drive. She’s got these super short cutoff shorts with a sexy black tank top paired with some dark red peep toe pumps. She gets situated in the car, puts her high heel on the floor-mounted pedal and gives it a few quick pumps before spinning it over. It doesn’t start the first time…or the second…or the third. Hmmm. So she tries a fourth time and starts putting her whole leg into the pumping. It’s still not starting but she’s pumping it with that whole leg of hers, bouncing up and down and begging that old car to start for her.
She keeps working it for a bit and finally gets it fired up. The engine is quiet but man, the belt is squealing like a stuck pig! She gives it a few revs to clear it out and backs up onto the road and rolls into the throttle.
When we get to our destination, she has to maneuver the big car in a pretty tight area. She turns it around, backs it up and is finally able to park it.