A Day Out in the Caddy with Jane in Shiny Leggings, 3 of 4

A Day Out in the Caddy with Jane in Shiny Leggings, 3 of 4

June 23rd, 2020

Let’s go ahead and finish out this series…
You’re done with your business inside the building and come out to the parking lot to find Jane has swapped boots. She’s standing at the back of the Caddy, waiting for you and says, “Come on, let’s go, I’ll give you a good ride on the way back.” …how can you not take her up on that??
She teases with you a bit when her car won’t start right up. She’s bouncing in her seat, pumping the gas and looking at you as she lightly begs. She gets the car started and takes you on that ride you’re waiting on. She gives that Caddy floor-mounted gas pedal a workout!

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  1. Jane Domino Mixed In The Cadillac( Has To Shuffle The Jeep And The Cadillac Around Before Running Errands) Black OTK Leather Boots W/ Buckle Around the Ankle & Red OTK Leather Boots / 1080I MP4 HD/ Clip 3 Of 4

    As we continue from clip two your boyfriend comes out wasn’t able to get all he wanted done that he needed to get done. Jane has on a different pair of OTK leather boots she now has on a pair of tan OTK leather boots she gets in behind the steering wheel, you her boyfriend open the passenger door, your about to get in Jane’s red OTK leather boots are on the front passenger seat, she’s about to pick them up and throw them over the passenger seat on the floorboard in the back.

    Jane loses her grip on one of the boots it falls on the ground you her boyfriend pick it up and hand it to Jane. Jane trows it over the passenger seat. Jane tries to get the Cadillac to start, the engine doesn’t start. Jane does a bounce and crank and tease for not even a minute, she gets the engine started and revs the engine for about a minute before leaving the parking lot and making a right turn.

    As Jane gets out on the road she guns the engine going as fast as she can when traffic permits, she’s able to go a pretty good clip getting the Cadillac up to around at least 50 MPH maybe as fast as 70 MPH at times, now and then she bumps the gearshift into neutral and revs the engine a few times one was at a traffic light the light turns green. Jane has the gearshift into neutral and gives the engine a good revving before she shifts back into drive and goes through the traffic light.

    As clip three is ending Jane’s sexy right foot goes back and forth working the gas and brake pedals as she drives through traffic, there’s suppose to be a clip four. Where will Jane go next on her errands? Will Jane change OTK leather boots again maybe to the red leather OTK leather boots? We will have to wait and find out in clip four in this four part series to find out what happens next. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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