You’re off work and waiting for your ride when a pimpin old Cadillac pulls up to the curb with this pretty face staring at you through the window. You recognize the gal but you don’t recognize the car. She steps out and gives you a big, cheesy grin because of the look of wonder on your face. That’s right, she got the keys to her daddy’s Caddy and asks if you want a ride?!
“Uhh, yeah!” is all you can muster to say. You walk over and she gets back in the car to start it up but it’s temperamental, which is one of the reasons you’ve been begging her to drive you around in this car. She pumps that floor mounted gas pedal…thud thud thud!…over and over until it fires back up and she starts to leave the parking lot. Unfortunately for her but wonderful for you, the car is still running rough and stalls at the next two stop signs. Her red leather driving gloves, red leather jacket and brown boots look amazing in this car, especially when she’s trying hard to get it started! She does and the rest of his clip is of her punching that pedal as she drives you home in those killer leather boots!