Jane Domino Cold Starts the Caddy Gray Hoodie & Black/Red Boots, 2 of 2
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Jane Domino Cold Starts the Caddy Gray Hoodie & Black/Red Boots, 2 of 2

July 19th, 2022

She got the car started before the battery completely died in the previous clip, now we pick up with her giving it some good revving to clear it out and recharge the battery some.

Look at that exhaust.” she says, as you get a view of all the smoke coming out of the rear in the side mirror.

She leans out to look back and get a good look at her smoky work while romping on the gas pedal still. She occasionally looks back in at you to make sure you’re watching. After all, you love watching her in this old car.

She does some more revving before checking to see if it’s good-to-go by dome some quick hard stomping of the gas pedal to the floor. She does this for a while and with the car not missing a beat, it’s now ‘properly’ warmed up. She puts it in gear to park it. Carefully though, it’s a big car. A land barge is what we call it.

After a 6 point turn, she gets the car lined up and parked. She romps on the pedal some more then turns the key off and begins quickly pumping the gas pedal. She gives you a little look …yeah, THAT look and tries starting the car again. Uh-oh, it won’t start.

One thought on “Jane Domino Cold Starts the Caddy Gray Hoodie & Black/Red Boots, 2 of 2”

  1. Jane Domino Mixed In The Cadillac( Not Confident She Can Get it Started – Cold Early In The Morning) Red & Black Cowgirl Boots / 1080I MP4 HD / Clip 2 Of 2

    As we continue from clip one Jane is still revving the hell out of the Cadillac as smoke is bellowing out of the exhaust, she opens the drivers door leaning out looking to the rear of the Cadillac as Shish is shooting video of her well toned rear of hers. Jane revs the engine for close to four minutes.

    Jane shifts into drive she moves the Cadillac slowly turning the steering wheel to the right as she parks the Cadillac in front of the garage, she has to move it back and forth from reverse to drive and back a couple of times before she shuts the engine off, she pumps the gas pedal about five or six times flooding the carburetor, Jane does a crank and tease for about the last minute or two.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Jane holds the gas pedal all the way to the floor as the battery is about to die hopping she can get the engine to start one last time before she winds up killing the battery. The End.

    Jane you did a great mixed two part series in the Cadillac your feet look sexy in those red & black leather cowgirl boots. Shish your camera work great. Good Work all!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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