Jane walks carefully on the wet ground in her black shiny stiletto pumps with an ankle strap. She gets in the Caddy, gets situated and spins the engine over. She pumps the big floor mounted pedal and you hear the soft *thump thump* of the pedal. It takes a couple of tries to get the big 425 motor fired up and she proceeds to gently rev it to get the oil moving and warmed up. The belt squeals even with the light revving, so it’s pretty obvious to anyone around when this thing is getting warmed up.
Things are going well until the carb loads up and stalls out the engine. She gives it a few light pumps as she turns the key and the car starts back up. She’s revving it a little more aggressively now and after a handful of revs you hear a muffled pop in the engine bay and the engine dies again. It’s a little harder to start this time but it fires back up and she only gets a few revs in before it stalls out again. The car is remaining easy to start but it stalls immediately each time. She gets the car to run for a few moments a couple of times before the car finally says ‘fuck you’ and floods itself out and is hard as hell to get started again!
After a sexy battle with Jane begging the car to start and lots of leg work pumping the gas pedal in those shiny leggings and pumps, the Caddy gives up and lets her win. She clears it out and drives it back to PTP HQ.