Jane Cranks & Moves Moms Mustang with Jewels Riding Along
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Jane Cranks & Moves Moms Mustang with Jewels Riding Along

July 5th, 2024

Jewels is visiting Jane at her moms and moms old Mustang needs to be moved. Jane gets in the car and tells her mom that she’ll wash it after she moves it. Jane starts cranking the engine over to get the car started and it’s naturally stubborn, so it takes a little effort. She manages to get it started after some attempts and revs it lightly before moving it down their narrow driveway into the back yard. She parks it, takes the keys out and just as she’s about to get out of the car she looks at Jewels and asks her if she thinks it will start back up again?

A few quick pumps on the gas and she spins it over but it doesn’t start. The fuel pump is louder than normal and the battery doesn’t sound 100%. Jane gets nervous when the car doesn’t start on the second attempt and she’s afraid she’s making it worse. She pins the pedal to the floor and holds the key till the car finally sputters and runs again.

Maybe a little more revving is in order to get things charged up….*whew* she doesn’t want her mom to get mad at her for flooding the car out again.