Jane Moves the Riding Mower, Bus & Volvo in Platform Pumps

Jane Moves the Riding Mower, Bus & Volvo in Platform Pumps

February 22nd, 2020

Doing a little rearranging today with Jane. I give her a crash course in using the riding mower. She pumps the pedal of it as she tries to start it just for fun…it’s kinda sexy though, right? She gets the mower out of the way so she can fire up and pull the Bus and Volvo from the shop.

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  1. Jane Domino Mixed Multiple ( Moving Some Of The Cars Around- Learns How To Start And Drive a Ride Around Lawnmower) Two Tone Black & Blue Platform Stiletto Pumps W/ Purple Heels / 1080I MP4 HD

    It’s a nice summer day up at the new HQ Shish has Jane move some of the cars around and something new for Jane, learning to start and drive a ride around lawnmower. Jane has never started let alone driven a ride around lawnmower, it takes Jane about three tries to get the mower started. Shish is shooting whole body video as he gives her a crash course on how to shift into reverse and drive.

    Jane slowly moves the ride around lawnmower and parks it next to the Z28. Jane is wearing a dark blue summer dress w/ pink roses, black & blue platform stiletto pumps w/ purple heels. Now Jane has to move the VW bus, it’s parked next to the Volvo in a two car garage. Jane gets in and turns the ignition key nothing. Shish goes to the rear of the bus lifting the hatch and makes a slight adjustment to the battery cables on the terminals tightening them a little bit, she gets the bus started gives the buses engine few quick revs she shifts into reverse and slowly backs out of the garage.

    Shish shoots a mixture of whole body video as she gets into the bus and a wide angle video as she backs out of the garage, the sliding door is open as she backs up she’s going up a slight incline the sliding door closes after she backs out, with the bus not that far out of the garage maybe about ten or fifteen feet at the most. Jane revs the hell out of the buses engine for about a couple of minutes. Shish is shooting some really tight closeups of Jane’s sexy size 6.5 right foot as she revs the buses engine getting the rpms up there good and high.

    Jane shuts the buses engine off now there’s one more car in the garage that needs to be backed out the garage. The Volvo Jane walks over and gets in giving the gas pedal a few pumps to prime the carburetor. The engine fires up on the first try as Jane revs the engine warming it up the engine coughs a little bit. Jane slowly backs out the garage. Shish is shooting a wide angle shots as he tells her to be careful, the drivers side mirror is getting a little too close for comfort to the side of the garage.

    The Volvo is out of the garage Jane turns the Volvo around goes down the driveway a little bit not that far from the garage. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen with Jane still inside the Volvo Shish slowly walks up to the drivers door on the Volvo. The End. Jane you did a great mixed video in the ride around lawnmower the bus and the Volvo, your feet look sexy in those two tone black and blue platform stiletto pumps with purple heels. Shish your camera work great. Good Work all!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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