Jane Domino’s One Night Stand with a Stuck Fetishist, 1 of 6

Jane Domino’s One Night Stand with a Stuck Fetishist, 1 of 6

September 6th, 2020

Jane is video chatting with her girlfriend as she’s gathering her things to leave the house of this guy she met last night. Jane is explaining how her car got stuck in the mud trying to leave and what started out as a meh so-so date turned into one of the best one-night stands she’s had. Jane explains to her girlfriend just how turned on her date was getting watching her try to get her car out of the mud and in turn, it was making her more hot-n-bothered. Needless to say, they finished the rocking back in the house!
After catching her girlfriend up on the who-what-when-where-why’s, Jane is asking her friend for some help on getting her car unstuck. Jane mounts her phone to her front windshield so she can talk to her friend and also so her friend can see and maybe offer some tips.
Jane takes off the old muddy rubber boots she borrowed from the back porch of her dates house and slips on her black leather boots. She’s wearing her very sexy and low-cut black dress that should have been more than enough to drive him wild but you know how these pedal pumping guys are…pump it or dump it.

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  1. Jane Domino Stuck In The Volvo( Raining The Night Before- Got Stuck Really Good Thinks Her Date Is A Little Bit Weird Has A Stuck Fetish ) Black Rain Boots & Black Leather OTK Boots / Clip 1 Of 6 / 1080I MP4 HD/ Shooting This Video Herself On Her Smart-Phone

    The night before Jane went out on a one night stand with this guy who has a stuck fetish it had been raining really hard, so hard that Jane’s white 1970 Volvo station wagon is parked off the driveway gets stuck when she tries to leave. Jane tries getting the Volvo unstuck she sees that her date likes watching her try get the Volvo unstuck. Jane gets up the next morning telling her friend on video chat what happen the night before, she sneaks out of her dates house as she’s video chatting with her friend.

    Jane asks her girl friend if her brother or her father still has there truck she might need there help getting the Volvo unstuck. Jane borrows a pair of black OTK leather boots as she walks out to the Volvo with the rain boots on her feet, she puts her smart-phone on the mount on the windshield so she can tell her girlfriend on video chat everything that happened the night before, Jane is wearing a black mini dress, black rain boots, black leather OTK leather boots, before she can start the Volvo the gas pedal comes off it’s pedal rod a couple of times.

    Now that the pedal is back on the pedal rod Jane has no trouble getting the Volvo to start she shifts into reverse she tries to rock the Volvo back and forth as she talking to her girlfriend hopping that either her girlfriend’s brother or her father can come over and pull her out of the mud. Jane is able to rock the Volvo back and forth some very little that’s about it she keeps trying to rock it back and forth. As clip one is ending Jane thinks she’s making progress getting unstuck, she hangs up on her friend telling her she will call her later.

    What will happen in clip two in this six part series? Will Jane’s one night stand come out and watch her try to get unstuck or will he try to help her? Or will Jane call her girlfriend back up on video chat? We will have to wait and find out in clip two to see what happens next. Until then pleasant dreams. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. That is the hottest freaking video I have seen ever! I think I have a stuck fetish too now oh my god! The fact that it was in the Volvo where you can see your legs rock the pedals and you try and rock the Volvo out is key cause the Volvo is a stick. And as much as I love that outfit, maybe she can come back later in some old distressed tight jeans and get a little dirty as she keeps trying? Lol. Great stuff!

  3. Definitely one of the hottest videos I’ve seen in a long time. Jane does some amazing rocking. Her outfit is exactly what I’d want to see her get stuck in too, super sexy. I love her talking to the camera about being stuck. Can’t wait for the rest of the series, great job!

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