Jane Domino’s One Night Stand with a Stuck Fetishist, 3 of 6

Jane Domino’s One Night Stand with a Stuck Fetishist, 3 of 6

October 24th, 2020

Watch her struggle to get her Volvo out of the mud from her point-of-view. Her black leather boots are working all 3-pedals trying to rock the car out but that damn gas pedal keeps breaking off and just adds to her dilemma. That little black dress gives you a lot of her thick thighs to look at while she’s rocking that old wagon and making reverse gear sing!

One thought on “Jane Domino’s One Night Stand with a Stuck Fetishist, 3 of 6”

  1. Jane Domino Stuck In The Volvo( Raining The Night Before- Got Stuck Really Good Thinks Her Date Is A Little Bit Weird Has A Stuck Fetish ) Black Rain Boots & Black Leather OTK Boots / Clip 3 Of 6 / 1080I MP4 HD/ Shooting This Video Herself On Her Smart-Phone

    As we continue from clip two Jane is still shooting video through the steering wheel unaware that her date she went out with the night before is upstairs watching her try to rock the Volvo back and forth trying to get the Volvo unstuck, she’s not having much success. If anything Jane is making it worse she opens the drivers door looks back at the left rear tire and she has dug herself one really good rut.

    Jane pleads with the Volvo hopping that might help getting the Volvo unstuck, so far it doesn’t. It doesn’t help matters much that the gas pedal comes off the pedal rod two times one time about halfway through the video, the other time at the end of clip three. The engine stalls on her two times one time the starter spun really slow the reason for that is Jane didn’t press the clutch down far enough before she turned the ignition key, the engine dies on her a couple of times she has no trouble getting the engine started backup.

    As clip three is ending the gas pedal comes off the pedal rod again what’s Jane to do she pulls the emergency break lever she says” great” When clip four starts what will Jane do? Will she put the gas pedal back on the pedal rod? The answer is obvious, yes she will. Will she go back up to the house and ask her date for help getting the Volvo unstuck? That’s a good question I’d like to know the answer to that.

    We will have to wait and find out in clip five in this six part series to get a better idea how this might end. Until then pleasant dreams. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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