Jane & Jewels Going to Workout But Volvo Breaks Instead, 1 of 2

Jane & Jewels Going to Workout But Volvo Breaks Instead, 1 of 2

November 13th, 2020


Yeah, they thought they were going to get their workout on but nah, the Volvo had other plans.
Jane is trying to get the car started but isn’t having any luck. She swaps with Jewels and Jewels tries for a bit to get the car started and ends up having more success than Jane. She gets the car started, even though it’s running rough it should be fine to head to the gym. As she backs the car up out of it’s parking spot, the girls hear this loud dragging/grinding sound. They get out and the exhaust is dragging on the ground.
I wonder if I can make it to the shop like that…” Jewels ponders.
Let’s just try to make it.” Jewels says, making up her mind to drive it slowly instead of wasting time and money on a tow truck.

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  1. Jane & Jewels Mixed In The Volvo Going Out For A Workout To The Gym ( The Volvo Has Other Ideas – Muffler Dragging On The Ground) White Sneakers & White Sneakers W/ Black Stripes/ 1080I MP4 HD / Clip 1 Of 2

    It’s a nice day to go out for a work out to the gym in the Volvo Jane and Jewels are dressed in there workout clothes. Jane is wearing a pink tank top, black workout pants, white lace-up sneakers. Jewels is wearing a black leather baseball cap, black jacket, lite black pullover top, black workout pants, white lace-up sneakers w/ black stripes. Jane and Jewels are walking out to the Volvo it’s parked under the carport.

    Jane gets behind the steering wheel Jewels gets in the front passenger seat now that’s all Jane has to do is get the Volvo to start, what Jane and Jewels don’t know is the muffler is on the ground neither of them see it when they walk out to the Volvo. Shish is shooting wide angle video as the both of them walk out to the Volvo and there’s another camera mounted on the back passenger door window shooting wide angle shot of both Jane and Jewels as the both of them struggle getting the Volvo started so they can go to the gym to workout.

    Jane is able to get the engine started now and then the engine keeps dyeing on her when she gets it running the engine sounds really rough looks like the carburetor is flooded really good, the camera mounted in the right passenger door window shoots great video of the both of there sexy size 6.5 right foot working the gas pedal trying to get the Volvo started. Jane gets the engine started, she tries to shift into reverse so she can backup, she hardly moves at all.

    Shish is shooting wide angle and some closeup video through the drivers door window and opens the drivers door shooting whole body video of both Jewels and Jane while Jewels struggles to get the Volvo started and keep it running

    Jane and Jewels switch places now she gives it a try Shish shoots some really good closeups of Jewels feet as her right foot works the gas pedal her left foot presses down on the clutch, after close to ten minutes Jewels gets the engine running enough to where she can shift into reverse, she backs up, they hear this loud racket.

    Jewels stops the Volvo she and Jane get out to see what was causing the racket, they see the muffler on the ground they talk to see what they should do next. As clip one is ending the both of them get back in the Volvo. Jewels is driving. What will happen in clip two? Will Jewels get to drive to the gym? Or will the muffler dragging on the ground make way too much noise when they get on the road with asphalt on it? We will have to wait and find out in clip two to see what happens next. Until then pleasant dreams. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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