It had been raining for a few days and I think I made an offhand comment about how the Volvo is hard to get stuck but with all the rain, maybe we can see how some areas are at our new place for potential stuck pits. So, Jane heads off with Jewels filming to see what these locations might be like.
First attempt, the Volvo comes right out. So she pulls back in to see if maybe the second time will cause a little more wheel slippage. It does but the Volvo still backs out. She then swaps with Jewels and after getting Jewels reacquainted with the gear shifter in the Volvo, she’s able to back up and damn, not stuck again –….then you hear the whine of the gears reversing and the movement stops. They look at each other. She tries again and the wheels spin more without the car moving.
Did we do it?” Jewels asks.