Jane & Jewels Stuck Test in Rubber Boots, 1 of 3

Jane & Jewels Stuck Test in Rubber Boots, 1 of 3

June 11th, 2020


It had been raining for a few days and I think I made an offhand comment about how the Volvo is hard to get stuck but with all the rain, maybe we can see how some areas are at our new place for potential stuck pits. So, Jane heads off with Jewels filming to see what these locations might be like.
First attempt, the Volvo comes right out. So she pulls back in to see if maybe the second time will cause a little more wheel slippage. It does but the Volvo still backs out. She then swaps with Jewels and after getting Jewels reacquainted with the gear shifter in the Volvo, she’s able to back up and damn, not stuck again –….then you hear the whine of the gears reversing and the movement stops. They look at each other. She tries again and the wheels spin more without the car moving.
Did we do it?” Jewels asks.

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  1. Jane & Jewels Trying To See If They Can Get The Volvo Stuck ( Do They Ever- Lite Rain & Muddy) Rubber Rain Boots / 1080I MP4 HD / Clip 1 Of 3

    It’s raining outside and the ground is really muddy Shish tells Jane and Jewels that it’s hard to get the Volvo stuck, the both of them are going to try and see if they can get the Volvo stuck, the both of them take turns shooting this video. Jane is wearing a lite blue tank top, denim jeans, white rubber rain boots w/ red & black stripes w/ pink trim. Jewels is wearing a black tank top w/ white trim, denim jeans, black rubber rain boots.

    Jane is able to back the Volvo up and go forward without getting stuck, there’s a lite drizzle of rain the ground is all ready muddy from all the rain they’ve had. Jane pulls the emergency brake lever she gets out through the drivers door and Jewels scoots over from the front passenger seat. Jane walks around the rear of the Volvo and gets in the front passenger seat. Jewels has a little bit of trouble shifting the gear shift int reverse so she can back the Volvo up. Jane has to show her how to shift into reverse.

    The engine dies on Jewels as she tries to backup she forgot to release the emergency brake lever. Jane tells her to release it. Jewels has no real trouble getting the Volvo to go forward at first it’s when she tries to backup is when she really has problems. Jane gets out shooting video of the rear of the Volvo, the both of them are shooting a mixture of upper and footwell video as well as wide angle video from the rear of the Volvo and some video of the drivers side as Jewels struggles to get the Volvo unstuck.

    As Jewels tries to rock the Volvo back and forth the rear wheels are getting deeper and deeper in mud either up to the axle or close to it, after a few minutes Jane gets back in the front passenger seat telling Jewels how stuck she really is she keeps trying to rock it back and forth. As clip one is coming to an end Jewels keeps trying to rock the Volvo back and forth as Jane gets in telling her the left rear wheel is halfway deep in mud.

    What will clip two in this three part series bring us will Jewels keep trying to rock the Volvo back and forth? Or will Jane get behind the wheel and give it a try and see if she can get the Volvo unstuck? We will have to wait and find out in clip two in this three part series to find out what happens next. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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