Jane & Karolina Crank & Drive the ’74 Dodge Coronet, 2 of 2
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Jane & Karolina Crank & Drive the ’74 Dodge Coronet, 2 of 2

June 30th, 2021


You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! It never takes this long to get started.” she says, frustrated that the old clunker is being temperamental today. She does two long cranks holding the gas pedal to the floor thinking it’s flooded but nothing…not even a sputter.

Jane asks Karolina, “Do you want to try?

Karolina slides over as Jane gets out to walk around. Never mind the man behind the curtain (car was really flooded and not starting). Jane gets in and Karolina gets her first ever crack at starting the old Coronet. She works the process and after a handful of attempts, she gets the car to start up. When she revs it, she doesn’t fuck around…she revs the absolute piss out of it!

Now that it’sΒ good…I mean, good and cleared out, Jane gets her to turn the car around and they head out. Only a short driving segment before the video fades out.

4 thoughts on “Jane & Karolina Crank & Drive the ’74 Dodge Coronet, 2 of 2”

  1. I love Karolina!!!!!

    I only come back to join because of her!

    I wish she had customs available or more videos

    Anyways keep up the good work

  2. I love Karolina!!!!!

    I wish she had customs available or more videos

    Anyways keep up the good work

  3. Karolina Von, Total Package…. love her a ton!!!!! please do customs!!

  4. Jane & Karolina Trying To Get The Coronet To Start ( Engine Isn’t Even Trying to Catch – Karolina Appears To Be Shooting Some of This Video / White Peep-Toe Tall Wedge Ankle-Strap Sandals / 1080I MP4 HD / Clip 2 Of 2

    As we continue from clip one Jane is still trying to get the Coronet to start she doesn’t understand why the Coronet wont start, after close to a minute. Karolina asks is she could try to get it to start Jane says yes. Karolina hands the smartphone to Jane as she opens the drivers door and gets out and walks around the front of the Coronet as Karolina scoots over to the drivers seat from the passenger seat.

    The hood of the Coronet is up is somebody trying to help get the Coronet to start or are they trying to keep the engine from turning over? I wonder who that could be??? LoL πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Jane gets in the passenger seat she gives Karolina some pointers on how to pump the gas pedal how long to crank the engine. Karolina is wearing a white tank top, faded denim shorts, dark brown leather cork wedge sandals.

    After a little over a minute trying different pumping methods and holding the gas pedal all the way to the floor on the outside chance that the engine might be flooded, the engine fires right up. Karolina gives the engine a good revving so the carburetor can be cleared out of what excess gas that might be still in the carburetor. Karolina shifts into drive going down the driveway as Jane gives her directions on where to turn the Coronet off the grass so she can turn the Coronet around and go down the driveway, so she can make a left turn.

    Karolina makes the left turn from the driveway now to drive down where the rest of the fleet was being kept at the time. Karolina will be driving the jeep back down to HQ, witch was the first video she did for PTP wearing the same outfit she has on now. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Karolina parks the Coronet near where the fleet is parked, now her next adventure trying to get the jeep to start. The End. Jane you and Karolina did a great job of both shooting this video and doing a great crank and pump two part series. Good work all!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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